How do i pass the beast aka nclex-pn


After a year of just siting and wondering, should I go retake this test? Can I really do this- not to mention, it is a little costy to keep failing it and the mental strain of thinking your the biggest failure in the world. I have been in healthcare as a CNA for over 10 years and a Health Support Tech School Nurse for 6 years, I can't let this beat me, I open for any suggestion's, thanks.


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Don't give up.. At least thats what people keep telling me.. I've failed twice so far and I'm soo discouraged to take it again..but I know I have to. The longer we wait the more stuff we forget.. Don't give up, keep studying and we can do this - together =)

Best of luck!!


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Don't give up. Just keep trying. It is better to spend money taking this test than to waste it elsewhere. You will pass the NCLEX if you keep at it. When you start to prepare again, approach study as if you had never taken it before. You can do this. Good luck.

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Don't give up. Practice questions and make sure you understand what they are really asking you, check out the rationales

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