How do you organize your school items?


Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to decide how I am going to organize my school items. I would love to hear what you all do for your school stuff. Do you keep a binder at home and take a folder or what? Also, what size binders did/ do you have for your classes? I don't want to get one too small but I don't want to get one too big either. Thank you for any suggestions or advice!

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I keep all of my school things in 1 bag. 1 semester it was a jansport backpack. When I took A&P, I had a big roller wheel piece of luggage. When I took Micro, I bought a swiss army backpack that fit all of the books for 1 class plus my supplies and my laptop.

If you are taking multiple classes, I've usually used 1 binder per class. I did share 1 binder for my online English and my Chem Class. 2 inches was enough for both of them. But, when I took Micro, I think I had a 2-3 in binder. When I took A&P, I needed a 3-4 inch binder. I use lots of dividers.

Because I have to study out of my home a lot of the time, I keep all of my school stuff in my backpack at all times, so I can grab it when I need to. This way, I don't accidentally forget something.

At home, I keep a crate with wheels for all of my supplies. I do have a lot of school supplies, since the ladies on here recommended that I be very organized and have fun with my studying.

When does school start for you? My next class starts in August and I wanted to start setting up my binder now, too! LOL! I didn't, but you are reminding me to get started.


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I'm not starting anytime soon (next year) and I'm already freaking out. I guess because I have a little ocd. Lol. Good luck with your classes! And thanks for your input! :)

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I think it's ok to start early, LOL! Keep perusing AN. I got so many good recommendations. Each semester, I make sure that I have everything I need for success in school.What's nice is that now, I pretty much have everything, I just keep going through Binders, because I destroy them because they go everywhere with me.

I'm getting started early as well, and I will be using a planner to keep up with important dates, a big calendar for home to place on my wall for hw and things that are due, and to give me an idea of my schedule, studying etc. Get you a hole puncher that can fit in your binder for notes in class or papers given to you by the instructor. For each class you want to have at least one binder each, that way it doesn't be so bulky! Have a usb flash drive available just in case to store important files on, with a nice size memory on it(like 4-8gb) and you can clip it to your back pack or key ring. Have some colorful dividers for your binders too, it keeps your work neat.Place your textbooks,binder, and other items for school together in the same place so you won't have to run around looking for it!


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I'm not in nursing school yet (same as you, I start next year) but I have always found binders to be really heavy and annoying to carry around so I have switched to composition and spiral notebooks. It may just be me, but I always seem to tear pages out of binders as I write in them, turn pages, etc. The notebooks cut down on this and are much smaller/lighter! I don't get many handouts in class, but I usually print out ppts or articles so having a binder at home to keep those in would be helpful. You could put the noteboook in the binder at home if you wanted then just take the notebook to class. I'm huuuugee on calendars because I'm notorious for misremembering due dates. Write down the dates of tests and due dates as soon as you get the syllabus so you're not surprised when those days come. I keep a wall calendar and a planner.I would definitely keep everything in your backpack if you can or at least pack it the night before so you don't forget anything. Best of luck!!

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I've been taking 1.5 inch binders for classes. I find that they work greatly for pre-reqs! Once you are in the Nursing Program, I suppose it's wise to ease up a good .5 to 1 inch for each. Each class has a separate one, that's the way I work. I used to carry one of those zipper binders...but they just became overloaded with junk and unorganized! I find I keep my notes and work more organized when I have a smaller separate regular binder for each class. I'd be a disaster without having separate binders for my classes.

Post-It Note Tabs are my savior. I love these things! I use them for my text books, notes, extra study books...just about anything. They're very helpful for me and definitely save me time, by not having to flip through a dozen pages to find what I'm looking for. I also love them because I can jot small notes down on them as well, such as last-minute given homework assignments for a chapter before class ends, etc. These are my new obsession. I just wish there were more colors, considering how much I use them. Great organizational item.

Stacking Bins. I have them beside my desk and I keep a lot of my odds-and-ends in them that I use while studying or doing assignments/projects at home. I also have small desk organizational pull-out drawers, cubbies, etc. to keep my materials in.

Highlighters, because they help me keep my material more organized. I'm able to mark key facts/definitions to memorize with them.

That's pretty much it! I've learned that there really isn't a lot to organization, you've just got to keep utilizing your organizational skills, or you'll fall behind and lose things relatively fast. :eek: