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How often are your postpartum vital signs and assessments?


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How often do you do post partum VS and assessments for c/s and vag deliveries? Just wondering what everyone else is doing. Thanks!!!!!:confused:


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Vag q 4 hrs for first 12 hrs, then q 12 hrs. C/S (after recovery - upon arrival to pp floor) q 30 min for first 2 hrs, the q 4 for first 24, then q 12.

Of course, this is for stable pt - more often if needed.

Elvish, BSN, DNP, RN, NP

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For vag - after transfer from L/D, we do q30min x 3, q4h x 3, then q12hr.

C/S - q30min x 3, q4h x 48h, then q8h.

mom2michael, MSN, RN, NP

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Vag Q15 for the first 2 hours, then Q shift (12 hours).

C-sections Q15x2 hours then Q4 hours until they are ambulating (which is usually 12 hours post op) then Q shift (12 hours).


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Vaginal deliveries - In labour ward; Once within 30mons of delivery and again prior to transfer

- Once in in-patient ward; Once daily

C/S - In recovery area; 5mins x4, 15mins x2 30minx4

- In in-patient area; On admission then twice daily

(Im in the UK)

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We do the same for both

Q 15 min x 4, then Q 30 min x2, Q Hour x2, then every shift (which routinely always get done at 08-12-16-20, so there's a few extras)

Once our patients get to the postpartum floor we do Vag. deliveries on admit then again in 4 hours then it is once a shift (so basially Q12), the same goes for assessments. For C/S they get vitals on admit, then Q4hr X24hrs with resp rate Q2hr if they had a spinal morph and assessment is once a shift. Of course everything is more frequent if issues.


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Hi- I am a new grad now with 7 mos on my feet runnung the floors!

At my hosp, L&D, PP all in 1 unit we average 100-120 deliveries a month. For our new Moms-

Vag recovery-

15min x4

30minx x 4

1 hr x 2 then q4 hrs there after.

c/s- ( usually 1.5 hrs in recovery rm) then

Sat monitor for 24 hrs and

30min x 4

than hourly x 4

then q4 hrs.

Back in Quebec,


Once after birth and then q shift or PRN, of course!


q15 minutes ad stable

q30 minutes x 2 hours

q1 hrs x4

and then q shift

Here, in Minnesota


q15 minutes x 1 hr

q30 minutes x 2 hours

q1 hrs x2

q4 hrs x 24hrs

and then q shift


q15 minutes ad stable

q30 minutes x 2 hours

q1 hrs x4

q4 hrs ad discharge



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For vag - after transfer from L/D, we do q30min x 3, q4h x 3, then q12hr.

C/S - q30min x 3, q4h x 48h, then q8h.

Although I work in LDRP therefore, no transfer from L/D to PP, we do it a lot like this. Babies must have charting q2 hours and vitals q4, I just wanted to add.


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Vag: 30 min assessment, then a one hour assessment, then a two hour assessment, and then a four hour assessment, then just once per shift

C/S and other GYN surgeries: same as above, but then instead of just once per shift they stay on the four hour assessments


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Our hospital's recovery protocol for vagnial deliveries used to be:

Q 15 min x4, Q 30 min x2, Q 4 hrs x 24 hrs, then Q shift.

They just changed to:

Q 15 min x4, Q30 min x2, Q 1 hr x 2, Q 2 hrs x2, then Q 4 hrs x 24, then Q shift.

This seems like huge overkill for a low risk uncomplicated delivery...what does everyone else think? As of now, no rational has been explained, and we have had no previous bad outcomes because of our protocol as it was.

Elvish, BSN, DNP, RN, NP

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I agree, it sounds like overkill, MadisonsMom. If there is a problem, then of course I'd be in there about that often, but for low-risk, uncomplicated births, that sounds like WAY too much.


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We follow the "Guidlines for Perinatal Care, 6th edition" which recommends B/P,P, R, q 15 min x2hours then q 30min x2 then q shift. temp immediately post placenta then q4x2 then qid.


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Thanks, Lisababyrn

Is this for vag or c/s or both?

Can you tell me what pages this is on in Guidelines for Perinatal Care?

I would love to get some of the links to the research that prompted how you do your vital sign sets on your floors. I'm a mother/baby nurse in Tyler, Tx and we do more vitals on our mothers than we do on our babies. Really frustrated with the amount of frequents we do on these mothers. It interupts breastfeeding, and restorative rest. I'm trying to implement a change at my hospital and would take any and all information that can be given to me. Thanks!


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Vag: Vitals, fundal checks Q15 x 1 hour, Q 30 min x2 hours, Q shift if stable and no bleeding issues

C/S: Vitals, fundal checks same as above plus continuous ecg and pulse ox x 2 hours and vitals q 4 hours x 24 hours after first 2 hours

blissful.RN, BSN, RN

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Once on mother/baby,

Vag: Upon admit, then Q 30min x 1, Q 1hr x 2, then Q 8hr until d/c (0400-1200-2000)

Cesarean: Upon admit, then Q 1hr x 4, Q 4hr x 24, then Q 8hr until d/c (0400-1200-2000)

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