How are you nursing (not pre-req) classes set up? how many classes do you have?

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In your core nursing program, how many classes do you have? a med/surg class, a peds class, etc?

we have one big class each semester. just good ol nursing. everything is in that class. we have 7 units, each on a different topic. right now its liver/pancreas/galbladder/TPN all under the unit "nutrition". in that we cover the patho, the meds, the nursing dx, the nursing care, the medical care/surgery done, gerontological considerations,diagnostic tests, etc. so all is included in one big class. its really neat that way. everything you need to know is in the one class (ok, we have lab and clinicals, too, but i mean lecture-wise). it works. bc each section mentions the drugs, we learn about drugs all thorugh out the semester, not just in one pharm class. it keeps it cohesive-all together.

it works, but it is an awful lot of information to keep up with.

just curious, as i dont think this is the norm. seems most have a separate class for each topic

love, rose

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Our classes sound similar to yours for nursing concepts I, II and Med-Surg. Med-surg included an emphasis on pathophys. During the second year we have separate 8-week, 7-credit classes in peds, maternity, critical care & psych nursing. Anyway you slice it, it's a lot of info in a short period of time.

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For the first two semesters, we have basic nursing theory and med/surg as one big lecture, twice a week. For third and fourth semesters, we have theory/med-surg once a week and maternal/child health once a week (third semester) and psych nursing once a week (fourth semester).

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Ours is set up on a quarter program and each quarter is 9 credits. We have 12 hours of clinical/lab time and 5 hours of lecture each week. In that five hours of lecture every week, we discuss whatever they're having us learn during that time. I just started so the first portion was Ethics and Pharmacology. The second portion was Pharmacology only and we're in the third portion now which is centered on Growth and Development. It sounds like ours is set up similar to yours though because (I think) as we get to different areas... say for example ortho, we'll look at pathophys, med-surg and pharm for that subject at the same time.

I'm in the first semester of nursing school and we have a Pharm class on MW from 0800-0900 then we have a Units class form 0910-1020. On Tuesday we have a Skills class. On Wed from 12-1500 we have a clinical simulation class and on Thursday we have a concepts class. In units we learn all the fundamental information. In skills and clinical simulation we learn the checkoff procedure for the week. We just started clinicals last week and we've been in school for 8 weeks. Now I only go to class on MW:)

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