How much does your school cost? I'll go first.

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ckh23, BSN, RN

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Villanova University about $60k with everything. GI bill to pay half and a monthly housing allowance and an awesome wife to support the family while I'm in school.

wtbcrna, MSN, DNP, CRNA

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Northeastern University- standard tuition about 60,000, however with all of the hidden fees/books, closer to 90,000. I owe 40,000 on undergrad and will come out owing about 130,000. On the plus side, some employers have offered some loan repayment options. and there is always looking into the military- the Army offers up to 110,000 dollars for a 6 year commitment with deployments only lasting 90 days- the debt is ridiculous but I hear the career is worth the sacrifice (I'll let you know when I finally graduate).

The Army reserve deployments are usually 90 days, but that is boots on the ground for 90 days and doesn't include any pre-deployment training that could add a couple of months or the time in transit that could add another couple of weeks.

Active duty army deployments are 6-12 months.


MistyDawnRN06, BSN, RN

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Haven't started my program yet, but will be attending FIU in Miami. Projected program cost about $45K, Health insurance $2 to 4K a year depending on the plan selected through the school, plus cost of living for 28 months in Miami. All in all, looking at about $90 to 100K. Doing it all on loans at average of 6.5 to 7% interest.

I think we need to talk about finances and not keep it a mystery! We all need to know what we're getting in to! It is difficult to be prepared for the financial undertaking.



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My owed approx $64,000 for my 2 bachelor degrees- Exercise & Sports Science and Nursing. I paid off all my loands in 1.5 years! So proud.



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Are you still attending the inter school. I would lik to know if it was hard to get in and what the requirements are like. They never pick up the phone :((


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Wow! Is UMF still charging this for next year?