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How much orientation did you get for new job?

Lola77 Lola77 (Member)

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I am starting a new job on a neuro-tele floor in a new hospital. I have 6 months of nursing experience. They are offering 4 wks orientation, but I don't think I will need that much.

How much orientation did you get on your new job? Did you feel it was enough/not enough/too much? Did you take patients on your first day?

In my humble opinion, you should take as much orientation time as your facility is willing to offer. Even if you do know the basics, use the time to become acquainted to all the nuances of the new facility. You won't regret it. Many facilities are cutting back on orientation and training, so if you are being offered four weeks, I would suggest you take it.


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I got 4 weeks orientation, and yes, I had to take patients within the first couple of days. I work in chemical dependency detox/psych.


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Since the difference between M/S and a neuro unit these days is immense, I would imagine (since I've never been in your situation, but I have been in charge of orientation programs at several mid-sized acute care hospitals many years ago) you'll need all the orientation you can get.

When you come in new to a situation doubting the wisdom of those hiring you, it isn't good. It doesn't matter how good or adaptable a nurse you are, or how willing to possibly misspend the facility's money those in charge of the unit are, it is necessary/wise to believe that they know what they're doing. There's no race to finish being told what others believe it is necessary for you to know; don't be like a horse at the starting gate.

I've never been given the amount of orientation I was told that I'd get upon embarking on a new position, and that wasn't because I learn quickly, as much as it was that by the time a new staff R.N. is hired, the need for someone is dire.

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I trained for almost 3 months in my current position in OB and Mother Baby. I had patients every day of training. Take all the training they want to give you!

Well, I must admit when I read your title I didn't expect you to be asking if it was too much...lol! Worse case scenario is you get bored and start itching to be out on your own. Or rather the worse case scenario is that it is not enough. I would take whatever I could get in the orientation department. Good luck on your new job :specs:

Jules A, MSN

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Definitely take it, I didn't get that much orientation when I was a new grad!

I was supposed to orient for 3 weeks, but it ended up being two. Mainly med pass, I think you will learn mostly from kind nurses that know you are new and want to help and from being proactive in wanting to learn and be productive.

TonyaM73, ASN, RN


Unfortunately I was unable to find a job in a hospital straight out of school and went to a long term facility. The facility is fine, but the training is WAYYYYYY too short. (3 days) Then you are thrown out on the floor with 20-30 patients of your own. I was so green with envy about a friend of mine who got 5-6 weeks of orientation at the hospital next door. Take what you can get and learn from everyone who is willing to teach.


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My first job, I only got 2 weeks of orientation!! I did not think that was enough, but after 2 weeks they threw me out on the floor by myself. I survived somehow! But the job that I currently have (which is much easier and less stressful than my first job) they gave me 2 monthes of training... and they said it could go up to 6 monthes if they felt I needed it :eek: I was pushing for the 6 monthes though, because during training I worked M-F 8am-4pm :yeah: I was actually very dissapointed when they said they were taking me off training early, lol. Oh well! I would say to just do the 4 weeks of orientation... it's not that long and you'll be on the floor in no time!


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