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Lola77 specializes in Neuro/Med-Surg.

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  1. I work in a hospital on the acute rehab floor. We try to keep our patients out of bed as much as possible, but sometimes they cry and scream to get back into bed and sometimes the families yell at us to put them back. Of course, we also have family y...
  2. Lola77

    Pathway to (UGH) Excellence?

    that is, without a doubt, the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. Who goes to the ER to feel warm and fuzzy!?!? You go because you think you are freaking dying and need someone to save your life. Wow. Speechless.
  3. Lola77

    L&D nurses - can you look at my birth plan?

    Oh man, the mandatory nursery time. You guys have no idea what I have been through with it. I took my hypnobirthing class with a local doula/owner of a natural childbirth/yoga studio store and she is a local advocate for natural childbirth. She met w...
  4. Lola77

    L&D nurses - can you look at my birth plan?

    Oh, and due to insurance issues, I have to birth at this hospital - because I work at an affiliated hospital, it is pretty much free for me to birth here. Anywhere else, I would have to pay 50% of costs.
  5. Hello, I posted on here earlier about my desire for a natural childbirth and the best way to approach the L&D nurses/be successful/not feel pressured into things. A lot of you responded and I really appreciate it. Like I said in my previous post,...
  6. Lola77

    how do i say this job is not for me??

    I just went thru this. Was hired and went thru 2 months of orientation and just knew that I wasn't a good fit. I HATED it and it was causing a great deal of anxiety. I didn't have another job lined up, but finally worked up the courage to tell my dir...
  7. Lola77

    Daydreams of a perfect job

    yeah, I usually have 6-7. I can't imagine the joy of 4. The few times I have had even 5 patients it was such a difference!
  8. Lola77

    Conflict of interest, nursing family

    ha ha ha if my mother was admitted to my floor, I would quit before being her nurse! she is a HORRIBLE patient (sorry mom - love you, but you are and you know it)
  9. Lola77

    Input on job choices please?

    My question is, why do you want to work in a hospital so badly? If you find home health fulfilling personally and financially, why make the switch? However, if your heart and soul want to return to hospital craziness, then absolutely take the res...
  10. Lola77

    Daydreams of a perfect job

    Let's all daydream for just a minute. . . I arrive at work on my med-surg floor and take report on my 4 patients. The labs are all drawn. My CNA is already getting the stable ones out of bed. . .because she only has 10 patients. I have time to ful...
  11. LOVE: Providing care to patients. I do this for about 10% of my day. HATE: Administrative work; phone calls; running to different floors for supplies; looking for a BSC/working pulse ox/IV pole; attending meetings; charting the same information ...
  12. Lola77

    Fluid restrictions vs Patient rights

    If a patient doesn't want to adhere to the medical orders, they can leave. It IS their lives. . .and that is why some of them end up in the hospital. Not taking their meds, not eating their diabetic diet, not monitoring their BP. We live in a society...
  13. Lola77

    Fluid restrictions vs Patient rights

    new nurse here. . .but when I have run into this situation I have stuck to my guns, got them a few ice chips to wet their mouths, repeated education and documented. So far even my most cranky patients have ultimately thanked me. Fluid restriction...
  14. Lola77

    Terminated from 1st job :(

    Hmmm patient ripping out IV, ripping off leads, refusing to stay in bed, moving furniture at 3AM. . .sounds like confusion to me! I am so sorry this happened to you. Like others have said, the family probably threatened to sue (even though you were t...
  15. Lola77

    need advice - meeting with HR

    thanks for your responses! I told her that I really wanted a mentor and that I would prefer a basic med/surg floor - a place where I could learn and grow. She was really open to that and said she will talk to some supervisors and see if she can get m...
  16. Lola77

    need advice - meeting with HR

    Background: Relatively new RN, graduated in Aug 2009 and started working on a busy med/surg floor that I enjoyed. Worked there for 6 months then had to move (due to my husband) across the state. Found a job at a hospital very quickly on a busy neuro...