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How much is too much.


How much information about yourself do you share with your classmates? Nursing school sometimes the students have to be close for study groups and keeping each other informed on new information. I am half way through my program and have kept my personal life to myself, but now some of my classmates are sending friend requests on myspace and facebook. Would you accept them? Why or Why not?

All I did was make 1 friend request for a classmate on facebook. She was a co-host of a Christmas party, and it was far easier to "friend" her and tell her I might come than to deal with school's e-mail. And it kind of snowballed from there, I've now got 7 people who I'm "friends" with.

The neat thing is- if you have a question, you can instantly ask someone you know (if they're online and it's ok to IM them) And there were a couple of questions posted on someone's wall- I liked the discussion that happened. It's something we don't see as much this semester since we're only on campus 2x a week now instead of every day for 7 hours (that's how Fundamentals ran)

I really don't mind. The only thing I don't want is "drama" and you know that "drama" happens in nursing school. And I get enough of it at home, I don't need to deal with it on my computer.


My class is small and over the past year and a half we've become pretty close, we're all pretty much facebook friends! It has been pretty convenient at times when I have questions about assignments or whatever! I have no problem being friends with fellow student, any drama involved though I just stay away from and I find that easy enough to do!

Well for my class every1 pretty much gets alone. Well I attend a small private christian college and I'm gay. There are pictures of my love and I on facebook. I'm openly gay to my friends and family but I really don't discuss it with any1 from school or clinicals. In nursing school it seems like the instructors are looking for anything to schold you about. I'm a bit worried that I will be labeled the gay person that no1 wants to do clinicals with, or my school look at my life as unprofessional (for allowing other students to know).

pushing thru - I don't know how much I would let people from school see. If you were attending anything but a private Christian college, I wouldn't think twice about it, but having attended a private Christian college in the past...eh, I dunno. I do know that you can set up restrictions on certain people as far as who sees certain posts, but I'm not sure if that would preclude them from pictures and the like.

If you don't feel like they're really your friends, I'd just leave the request hanging (don't deny it) and if they ask why you haven't accepted their request, beg off and tell them that you haven't really had time to play much on FB.


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I have lots of people from my nursing program friended on facebook. I figure keeping up with them will make for good networking in the future. We often contact each other with questions or to set up study groups.