How much is health ins coverage as an LPN?

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Hello, I recently applied to LPN school. My husband and I were talking last night about the fact we are paying $800/mo at his employer for our family healthcare coverage. We are hoping that if I can finish school and start working (mabye for LTC) we can get a better deal on healthcare insurance. Can anyone tell me what is typical of a LPN (contribution weekly or monthly) for a family healthcare plan?

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I pay $270/mo for the Blue Cross premium plan for my husband and I. $800 is outrageous! It will depend on the employer, but I can't see you paying that much. I work for a large nation wide hospital chain.

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I work for a county run LTC facility and pay $36.00 every two weeks for single coverage. This includes medical, dental, prescription and optical. Not sure what the rate is for family, certainly just as reasonable.

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I've worked for several LTC facilities in the city where I reside and have paid health insurance premiums as a single person with no dependents. Some of the premiums for family health insurance are outrageous in these places. For example, I worked at a corporate-owned LTC facility that was charging $496 biweekly for family health care (employee + spouse + dependents). That's a few dollars shy of $1,000 per month.

County facilities, VA hospitals, federal prisons, and most hospitals are able to offer good quality benefits at much more affordable rates.

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