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How much experience necessary for ABSN


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I am a recent college graduate and am planning on applying to an accelerated nursing program. I have heard mixed things about the amount of experience necessary to gain admission to this type of program. As an undergrad, I worked as a peer health educator, volunteered in a psychiatric facility, and worked in a research lab. I am currently assisting on a clinical research study and am also working at a COVID testing facility. I guess what I'm wondering is if admissions staff is looking for more long term experience as something like a CNA or and EMT, or is it still worth my while to apply now? Any advice would be appreciated!


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My cohort varied drastically in the previous BS degree they had. Anthropology, Business, Athletic Training, Sports Fitness, Psychology. My first degree is Aviation Administration. There is no pre-requisite experience that is required to get into an ABSN program. Healthcare experience will help you once you get into the program.

I think you're good. Apply away! You do have varied experiences in healthcare.

You didn't mention how long you've had at each experience, which might make a difference. For example, was each experience one day only? Or was it a year or so for a few of them? If you had at least 6+ months for some of your experiences, I think you're more than qualified in terms of experience.

Just make sure your GPA is up to par!

Good luck!

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most students in my ABSN cohort had 6-12 months healthcare experience. I felt I had a lot more than most and I only worked as a CNA for less than 18 months