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  1. ad2020

    Does prestige of program matter?

    Never mind it isn't letting me send one. Basically I was just wondering what your experience was like. I know it's a direct entry masters program but I am 100% certain that my career goal is to eventually work as an NP. I know there may be some benefit to attending a less expensive community college but was your experience there still overall positive?
  2. ad2020

    Does prestige of program matter?

    Thank you for your reply, Hopkins was actually one of the programs I was considering, would you mind if I pm you with a few questions. The reason I hadn't thought as much about ADN programs is because I attended undergrad out of my home state and I would like to do the same for nursing school.
  3. I just graduated college but I am looking to get a second degree in nursing. I would like to apply to an ABSN program, work for a few years and then go back to NP school. I guess I'm wondering if there is a huge difference in the education and opportunities offered at the big-name schools such as Emory or Duke or if it's all just branding and cost. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated!

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