How to motivate my wife to pursue her nursing dream?

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Happy New Year, evryone! My (new!) wife has worked for Dennys since high school (we just graduated from college). She started out as a food server, moved into a managerial position and now she's regional manager. I guess that's considered successful, but she has a degree in physical therapy and always wanted to be a registered nurse. She doesn't think she could get something in the medical industry though. How can I convince her she's wrong?!


What a great husband you are to be trying to help your wife reach her dream!! You are probably on the right track by trying to build her confidence up. If she could work her way up the ladder to regional manger, then she probably can work just as hard in Nursing school. If she has a degree in physical therapy, then she can use alot of those classes towards a nursing degree. I wish her luck and I hope she goes for her dream!!!

try to get her into school (comunity colleges are good, that where I went) just any old class that might help in BOTH careers, then get your sirname listed on the nursing school mailing list. I still like looking at school cataloges of classes and wishing i could have the time. Next give her the gift of 6 credits payed for each semester, she can quibble about she needs 8 or 12 or only 4, but with 6 payed for its 2 electives or she has to work for 2 lab classes (her choice ;-))

I get sneeky like that, and this is how i would do it. I am a nights supervisor and need to get a nap in before work.

Good luck


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Can anyone out there give me and my fellow co-workers any advice on mileage logs for home health nursing? we all keep records according to what our bosses whim is at the time and it seems as if sometimes if a grudge is against anyone of us at the time then that nurse is called in the office and given a lecture on her mileage log. We get lectured on no overtime to too many miles traveled. How can we win if we are given 5-7 patients a day and must travel 100-180 miles per day and get all the care done let alone the paper work completed and turned in on time. Yes I feel we are over worked and under paid, but how can we ever over come bad bosses? Does anyone out there have any suggestions on the correct methods of mileage logs? Please email me with your suggestions. [email protected]

Thank-You for letting me sound off.

I also commend you for wanting your wife to advance her skills and education to her fullest ability. Nursing is considered a professional career and highly respected by other professionals. BUT... lets wake up and smell reality for a minute. As a regional manager she may not be in the position to work after hours to make sure that admission she just got has an IV that is patent and lab work completed, or has to work weekends, holidays and not always getting that paticular week of vacation you may want to take together. Also research the salary.. there may not be that big of a difference. Now, please don't misunderstand me...I love nursing and I can't see myself in any other career. But nursing is not for everyone and along with being a very rewarding career, it is also a very demanding and highly stressful career. My advice to you and your wife is to place yourself in the career or job that suites your needs and makes you happy. Sometimes the best prayers are the ones that arent answered. smile.gif

happy new year's dell. it's never to late to go after dreams. is your wife ready to make that leap yet, or is it a dream she wants to nurture until she's done with her current path? when she's ready, she should be ready to complete some more coursework. maybe intern. I got a nice internship through when I was doing my BA. i think it looked good when I applied for a nursing program to have had something under my belt like that.


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