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    How to motivate my wife to pursue her nursing dream?

    I also commend you for wanting your wife to advance her skills and education to her fullest ability. Nursing is considered a professional career and highly respected by other professionals. BUT... lets wake up and smell reality for a minute. As a regional manager she may not be in the position to work after hours to make sure that admission she just got has an IV that is patent and lab work completed, or has to work weekends, holidays and not always getting that paticular week of vacation you may want to take together. Also research the salary.. there may not be that big of a difference. Now, please don't misunderstand me...I love nursing and I can't see myself in any other career. But nursing is not for everyone and along with being a very rewarding career, it is also a very demanding and highly stressful career. My advice to you and your wife is to place yourself in the career or job that suites your needs and makes you happy. Sometimes the best prayers are the ones that arent answered.
  2. stefascope

    Internet Degrees for Nurses

    I have recently considered obtaining my masters in nursing via the internet. I am interested in feedback from other nurses who also are considering this option and especially from those who are currently enroled in such a program.