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How many of you worked during school?

ChrisAHF ChrisAHF (New) New

Im trying to decide if financially I will have the option. I could always get a loan but i dont know if I want to deal with that. So how about it?

I worked through school as well as received grants, scholarships, and loans.


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I worked average of 20 hrs a week while in LPN school it was full time 2 days 7 hours of lecture 3 days 8 hour clinicals. I will be working full while enrolled in RN but will only be going part time.


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I did because I had to. If I had had the option, I wouldn't have. I would have liked to be more involved in the student nurse organizations on campus, explore unpaid opportunities in the local facilities or the study abroad programs. Sometimes I feel like I missed a lot of the bonding stuff because I was always running from or to my car!

On the upside, I think I also HIGHLY appreciate my license and my new opportunities!

i tried for a while.. once everything got behind i had to draw unemployment!!! only after loosing my car due to repo and the my contingent job that i was never on time to... i only had the weekends to sleep!!!(& work):nono:

MikeyJ, RN

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I am in an accelerated BSN program that is fairly intense. I have worked from day one. I worked 20 hours a week for the first 1 1/2 semesters and then took on a nurse apprentice job. Since then I have averaged 35+ hours a week (some weeks have worked 45 hours) and have done very well so far. Thankfully I have excellent time management skills as well as an ability to learn material very quick.

If I didn't have to work, I definitely would not. Working during nursing school (especially an accelerated program) stinks. I was able to be VP for the student nurses association for the first 2 semesters on top of working, but I had to give up that position this semester.

But working has saved me nearly $16,000 in student loans (I've still had to take out quite a bit of loans -- nearly $50,000 for my 5 years of college).

Otessa, BSN, RN

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Worked during school, grants, scholarships and lived at home with my parents during my 4 years of college.

jessiern, BSN, RN

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I lived with my folks during school. Worked 24-32 hours a week, and was on scholarship with the hospital I work at. Last semester I had to cut down to one 12 hour shift a week. That was killer, but I made it through.


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I worked 15-20 hours a week until my last year of Nursing School. Now I am working one shift (12 hours) at the most per week as a Nurse Extern. The Nurse Extern position has really helped get my confidence level up for Nursing School, so if you have time (maybe during the summer if you don't want to work during school), I would really recommend getting some hospital experience during school. (But it seems like a lot of nurses do fine without that experience too.)


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I'm still in school and I work as an LPN on the weekends. So I work roughly 24 hours per week while taking four classes and a practicum this semester. I can't say it's too stressful considering I'm posting here right now, can I? :)

I worked full time as an LPN while in RN school. I worked night shifts. Many places manily LTC offer weekend baylor plans where you can work 2 shift doubles back to back on Sat and Sun and get paid 40 hours with benefits, this would free up your whole week and give great working experience. You just wouldn't have a life until after nursing school.


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I was a single mother of four children ages 4 months - 10 years when I started nursing school. I worked through the study lab at school and tutored chemistry, microbiology, algebra, A&P, and automotive math.


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3 jobs, 2 kids under 6 and a LOT of sleepless nights-care plans and writing projects. Was it worth it. Yes I think so although striving for all As was too much.

CABG patch kid, BSN, RN

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I lived with my parents, took out loans and grants, worked 8 hrs/week during the school semesters and worked full-time in the summers. My family did not help with my schooling costs too much (an occasional book here and there while i waited for my grant money). I didn't have to worry about rent or groceries but paid for my own cell phone, car insurance, gas, credit cards, etc. I was able to manage fine, a BSN degree cost me about 18k in student loans but I still have some of that money left in savings now and think it was worth gaining the experience I got from my nurse extern job.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Yes. I had bills to pay like rent and a car payment. Fortunately didn't have to take out any loans.

preemieRNkate, RN

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I graduated nursing school when I was 21, so I was still lucky enough to live at home. I worked as an aide in a hospital for a semester, and then I decided since I'd be working in healthcare for a long time after nursing school I wanted to get a "fun" job. So I worked at Starbucks. It was very fun, and kept me caffeinated for all those late night cram sessions!

tvccrn, ASN, RN

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I went to school five days a week and was a single mother of three. Saturday morning I got up at 4 to get my kids ready to go to their father's and then was at work by 6AM. Worked until 12AM, come home, went to be and got up at 5 to be at work by 6AM. Worked until 12AM, went home where my kids were sleeping in their beds, talked with the ex about the kid's weekend and got to bed by 2 or so. Up at 6 to get the kids ready for school and daycare to be at school by 8AM.

So, working thirty six hours on the weekend and in school full-time with three kids in age from 8yo- 2yo. I'm not saying it was easy, but it can be done if you really want to.

I worked full time as an EMT while going for my RN. I had no choice. It wasn't that bad though.


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I worked full time nights the first 3 semesters delivering pizzas, the fourth semester i worked 12 hour night shifts every Fri and Sat nights as a tech at the hospital, my final semester was in the summer which was a shorter semester, I had 3 classes to focus on, I had to take out loans to live on think I worked one shift all semester. I found it too difficult to do. If I didnt need to work I wouldnt have either. Good luck with your schooling.


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3 kids, hubby and a dog-worked 20-24 hours a week as a CNA, then Nurse Tech. Lucky enough to have tuition reimbursement at work, never took out a loan for school.

Worth it to graduate debt free!

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