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I am researching the possibilities in returning to home health nursing. It truly was a gift to be able to enter someone's home and be accepted as part of the healing.

I know visits can vary depending on distance, patient treatments, and whether it is a new intake etc...

But what do you average in visits per day?

Thanks for the info in advance.


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My agency is Phila area: City and suburbs

Visits per day 6-7. Visits per week: 32-34.

Other things to consider: Payment for mileage, oncall, evening visits required, car allowance, beeper /cellphone covered?, Weekend committment, Area covered by agency AND amount of staff to cover area, Payment for required meetings or patients not home etc.

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I am looking at subcontracting to existing Home Health Agencies. They are currently paying $ 30 per visit. It is my hope with me paying FICA etc. that they will pay me $ 35.00 plus their usual for mileage (22 cents per mile).

I remember another nurse I worked with who did home health without any case mangement. That was the real time consumer for me. He charged a flat $ 35 a visit. He was able to fax back and forth; this seemed to save a lot of last minute call and travel times.

I am looking at interviewing and researching week after next in a different then my current home base.

As always, (((((Karen)))))), thanks for the info.


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i do anywhere from 5-8 visits per day, but usually right around 7....

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Thanks Sunnygirl!


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Our daily productivity is 5.7 visits per day. It usually works out to be a full eight hour day once you figure on paperwork, communication, voice mails, etc etc.


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I average anywhere from 4-7 per day but that's a pretty full day because my travel time is usually at least 30 minutes between patients and sometimes over an hour. Anything over 30 minutes between homes I am paid an hourly rate.


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When I was doing home nursing, there were some weekends when I had 15 patients to see in a day (calculated to be a 7.5 hr day based on half hour visits for insulins, eye drops, dressings, for example).

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