How many of you have a spouse also in the medical field?

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Hi everyone!

So I've been working for almost 4 months in a critical care unit as an RN, and now the long-awaited time for my hubby: it's now his turn to go to school (The deal was he put me through nursing school, I put him through school.)

He's been thinking of also entering the medical field as well, but not as a nurse (he thinks we're tougher than he is:bugeyes: )

So, I was wondering how many of you out there also have a spouse in the medical field, either as a nurse also, or RT, OT etc.

He was leaning towards Rad Tech, but apparently there's more of a supply and demand from what I can find, he doesn't want to go to school to be jobless.

Now he's leaning towards Respiratory Therapist, which apparently has more opportunities.

Anyone have any advice, I really don't know what direction to point him in. I work with Respiratory Therapists, but most of them are fairly anti-social, at least with me. They don't seem to be running around like I am with their heads chopped off.

And of course, if anyone has any other suggestions those are always appreciated.

Ultimately he wanted to have the flexibility to work the same sort of 12 hour night shifts as me, decent pay without a demand to have to work an extra 20 hours of OT every week as he did as a truck driver.

Hope everyone is well!

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I personally think its awesome :coollook: to have a spouse in the same field as you are. My hubby is on the opposite side of the spectrum in every sense of the word, but its okay with me. But I have friends who are nurses and so are their husbands and they love it. I think that being able to talk shop with someone who knows what you mean is very cool. My husband just listens but has no idea what I mean, he does not understand the politics that go on, and he hates when I speak of some experiance I had with a pt that he seems grossed out with :D or simply looks at me like Im speaking a foreign language. :confused: There are so many areas of the medical field that you can go into besides nursing, but just knowing what it's like to deal with patients, families, doctors and YES, other nurses.... I think would be allot of support and much more appreciation for what you do.

I know there is always a High demand for Rad. Techs, MRI & Ultrasound. I personally find that a bit boring but Im use to the craziness of nursing...:lol_hitti

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My wife is a nurse. As others have mentioned, it's great to be able to talk shop. Also, understanding what the job demands are helps us to get through those rough days. Decompressing from a bad day is so much easier when you don't have to translate into layman's terms.

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I would second the thought of a Nuc Med therapist. My brother started as a rad tech then went on to Nuc Med and PET. He makes quite a bit more than I do as an RN. From what I've seen, it seems to be a good gig.

My husband is a pharmacist. We met in college decades ago. We often "talk shop" at the dinner table. Hey, we just got an email from his pharmacy association. They are starting a social network site I think I'll go lurk over there sometime. I'm betting it's nowhere as fun and interesting as allnurses!:yeah:

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I am an RN, working in the ER at a busy hospital. I've been a nurse since 1991, and my dh is also an RN at the same hospital. He graduated from nursing school 5 years before me, and we went to the same nsg school.

We actually met back in 1989 after I got a job at this same hospital as a ward clerk while he was a nsg supervisor. We were friends through work off and on and have been married almost 5 years. A few years ago, I started having health issues and decided to be a stay at home mom to out son.


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