How many nursing schools should I apply?

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Big question I know, but what do you think?

Many of my class mates are applaying to 3 or 4 schools, personally I feel to apply just to the one I'm asisting for my pre-recs... too confident,no. I just feel fine, but again 3 or 4 i think is an over kill. May be a second option. Does reference letter counts? I think all depends on the program...

thnaks for your time!!!

Well, you should apply to as many schools that you can, granted that you meet their requirements and want to go there. Don't put all your eggs in one basket because what if you don't get in? It's just better to have options. I only applied to two nursing school a community college that I transferred from and the university that I go to now which was my 1st choice. Luckily I was accepted to the university's BSN program and I start this fall. Thinking about it I could've applied to more. Applying to 3 and 4 schools isn't overkill, keep your options open. Best of luck to you.

apply to at least three to be on the safe side. Keep in mind, admission committees review thousands of applicants each semester and only a few will get selected.

I applied to one because at the time this was the only school whose pre reqs I had completed to get into. Luckily I got in. But I definately had plans to apply to four schools for spring if this didn't work out. So Id definately apply to as many as you can. Always better to have options.

Thank you all for your answers, my wife tells me the same, apply to at least three schools, so that will be!

I'll let you know whats going on!

There are 2 schools by me that have the exact same requirements. All the others require more classes. But they all seem to have different start times (some fall, some winter, some summer) so I'm just going to keep applying and taking classes until I get into something! But I'm not going to apply to a school that I don't actually want to go to.

It doesn't hurt to apply to multiple schools.

However, I am only applying to one school because the admission is solely based on a point system involving mostly prereq grades. All students above a certain point total (determined based on the applicants) are guaranteed to get it.

So I would say it depends on the school and if their admission criteria is more subjective (or based on a lottery).


I applied to 7, got into 4. A nursing counselor told me 4 is the minimum I should apply to. But I live in a big city where most schools choose based on a lottery.

Applied to 7, got into 4. Just apply to all the schools as many as you can, even though you think that your chance is small coz you'll never know what may happen.

I'm only applying to one....

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