How many hours a day/week do you study for pre-req's?

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I am just curious as to how many hours everyone studies for the pre-req's each semester. I am doing ok in my current class, but want to make sure I get at least a 3.0 gpa; currently take pre-req's for the core science courses. So how many hours do you study? Do you study every single day, or certain days?, etc.

I know NS requires a lot of time and studying and I want to get a great study schedule down before spring semester. I figure from 8pm-11pm each night would be good. I have an almost 3 yo and a new baby on the way, due 12/13/10. So at least my toddler will be asleep by then and I will not be working so I can study more.

The best way to study is to make sure you do it daily instead of a couple times a week it keeps your mind working on the info so its easier to recall for your quizzes and tests. Congrats on the little ones!

I have to study Lots! I would say I probably study study 30+ hours a week for my two science classes (Chem, Anatomy and Physiology). Full disclosure so you get a good idea of where I'm coming from: I made a 24ACT score, 82% TEAS V adjusted. I do have two children and a lot of distractions so my study time is probably not as effective as some peoples. I'm also terrible at memorization. I don't have a set time, I basically wind up cramming in studying every spare minute. In the car while I wait to pick up my son from school, while he's at swim practice, after they go to bed. I try to get a lot in on the weekends. If I'm not doing childcare, or the very limited cleaning that I consider my responsibility, I'm usually studying. I haven't watched more than 20 hours of television in 3 months. I have a high C in Chem, and a high B in A&P. I have been spending way too much time on here and facebook the last couple of days but it's because I'm so burnt out from studying! :) Hope this was helpful. At least it was fun for me to vent. Good luck! and Congrats!

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I havent taken A&P yet but for Micro and Chem I've done about an hour a day (A for final grade in Micro and right now I have an A in Chem). Classes like Psych and LifeSpan and my Englishes were only attended to when there was an assignment. Plus I'm home with the kids and keeping up the house and babysitting and running errands for the elderly neighbor and volunteering in the kids' school. Phew!

I've found that I overstudy sometimes and I start mixing things up and everything blends together. I'm sure I'll have to find that perfect study amount come A&P, but I don't anticipate it being more than 90 mins a day, everyday.

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I spent appx 2 hrs a day, then more on the weekends for study time.

I tried to time it when everyone was at school/work as best I could. I also only took one

Science at a time to be sure to keep my GPA up.

Alot of my reading was done in my car before class.I found that if I got out of the house I could be more focused.

Setting up a specific place (for me a desk in the garage, out of eyesight of my Husband ans son) helped too.

they often got a chilly reception when they barged in and demanded something, a better one when they

asked and waited.

Also I have had the advice from others to build time into your school schedule to get some of the

reading and studying done at school.

I'm finishing up my last pre-req right now, and have a 4.0 in the core sciences to apply with.

ooooh, spend time wiht the kids now, love em lots, and remember this is for them too.

I have a great memory, and the sciences just make sense to me, and I have breezed thru my pre-reqs with only studying 30 min prior to the test (not a habit I recommend, but it works for me). However Chem was the exception, that is a very hard course, although I look back and have no idea why. Luckly for me, my Chem professor assigned us alot of homework (which is forced studying). Plan on putting in at least a honest hour into Chem each day (and that's not counting lab reports "of doom").

I have 4 kiddos (ages 12, 10, 7, and 4) and work full time. I am taking Chem, Human Growth and Development, and Algebra. I spend the most time on Chem. We don't have a great instructor and it is almost a self-study course. I spend probably 10-15 hours a week studying that material aside from what we do in class. The other two classes don't take any time at all. I haven't taken A&P (taking it next quarter), so I can't say for that. I think it kind of depends on what you are good at too! I am not super great at science, so I do have to put a little more time in. I have an A in Chemistry, but just barely. It is has been a really tough course for me. I will be SO glad when it is over. Good luck.


I usually do 3 hours of studying outside of class/week for classes that I find easier such as Human growth and development or math. I do more like 6 hours for classes that I find harder like A&P or chemistry. This is how much I study when I don't have tests or exams. If there is an exam coming up, I study a couple more hours a day for a few days leading up to it. But i find that by staying on top of the class work/reading as I go, I don't need to put in so much time right before exams "cramming" to learn everything, and the class is much more enjoyable.

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I have to study Lots! I would say I probably study study 30+ hours a week for my two science classes (Chem, Anatomy and Physiology). I do have two children and a lot of distractions so my study time is probably not as effective as some peoples. I'm also terrible at memorization.

This is me, too. :)

Full disclosure - I was always considered "smart", but rarely applied myself, and this type of behavior got me A-C's, depending on the classes. This was before taking Nursing pre-reqs!

Now, I study all the time (like the mama above said) just to make A's and B's.

I think some of the variances in study time aren't due solely to the student's aptitude, but also due to the schools' "set-up". There is a career college in my area that basically has nursing students taking prereqs alongside sci classes nearly full time and I know gals who get A's in this intense program.

However, I go to the Community College, and it's nearly impossible to even enroll in 3 courses at once and teachers tell you you probably not pass if you take more than 1 at a time. I feel like they are setting you up to have to fail. :crying2:

I'm not saying my school prepares me better, or that it's harder- but that the teachers/set up is that you devote LOTS of hours to homework, reading, studying. Almost a superhuman amount of time, if you ask me!

3 hours/day at set times sounds good to me, but you may also want to plan to work in some mini sessions during the day, if possible. Like flashcard review or drawing diagrams of systems, etc.

Congrats on the new baby, and remember that where there's a will, there's a way!

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