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So, being one of the new grad RNs out there looking for a foot in the hospital, I have been filling out multiple applications on local hospital websites. Sometimes, I fill out 10 applications on the same hospital website hoping one will be the one I get an interview for.

I have however been thinking this through and was wondering,,,,how does HR or the people that look at the submitted apps feel about applicants that apply for a bunch of jobs in the same company. For example, I just applied at the same hospital for a Cardio RN nights, Med/surg RN nights(2), NICU.

I am basically applying for all jobs that do not specify the dreaded NOT ACCEPTING NEW GRADS AT THIS TIME.

Anyway,,,will it look like I have no direction and just looking for a job,,,,or will it look like I really want to work for this hospital regardless of the unit I get. Or do they even care?

Does anyone have an insight into this?


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Good question, I think many of us new RNs are doing the same thing!! Maybe a nurse recruiter will see this and give us some insight...


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i believe HR has a computer screener program. the program recognizes words from resume you put in and screens it. basically even if you put in a thousand applications, if your resume doesn't hit the qualifier words or requirement that HR will just go and sleep in the database for future use. sometimes, they tend to post job ads as well for the purpose of beefing up their database.


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I think the new system is inhumane. When I was younger, one would apply in person at the HR office, get to say hi to the secretary and possibly see (visually) the nurse recruiter. You'd fill out the application legibly and seeing how well you filled out the application you'd be given a chance to interview. Now everything is determined by how much $$$ you pay a resume business. This whole applying via the internet is a sham.


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Humm.. i would like to know the same thing. I am doing the same thing as you. but there are some sites that allow you to apply for a few jobs at one time. I even posted my resume on thier site thinking that this method might be easier. Neverthless, i feel that no one really wants a new graduate due to the cost associated with it. lets just hope and pray something happens soon.


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A person looking to work in our hospital system can only apply for 3 jobs per week. The computer system will automatically reject any applications after the 3 application because the hospital gets way too many applications.

My advice would be to go in person to talk with someone in HR, try to get hold of a nurse manager in the unit you want to work for, and call HR on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday morning.


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Thanks for all your replies. The hospitals around here let you apply for as many positions as you want at any time. I guess I dont want to my actions to be counter productive.

One of the hospitals only accepts apps on thursday 9-4. You go in and pick up an app from a box, fill it out and put it in another box. You DO NOT get to speak to anyone. There are signs with instructions. For some reason, I think that's worse than filling it out on the internet. At least I did not waste my gas.


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once every 90 days in my facility, multiple inquiry is aok. Everyone understands new grads want a position, any position unfortunately. Call once a week, no more, no less to the recruiter or their secretary. You'll get to know them, check in for any new grad openings. Be positive, not desperate for "anything" and stress that there are options out there for you, but that facility is exciting, you have so much to bring with enthusiasm and work ethic. ect. Always friendly, stop in for a face to face once every two weeks, donuts work wonders.:D


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Great advice, I have applied to 3 different hospitals online this week, one position at each hospital... I figure I will call the HR department of each hospital on thurs morning, and My plan is to do this each week... Hopefully someone will bite!!!!


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woo hooo... i just got email stating: Our recruitment team has reviewed your application and you are being actively considered along with other candidates for the position. We will be in contact with you shortly should we wish to interview you. Better than the other ones that say you are no longer being considered for the position...

cross your fingers!!!