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How are they luring nurses to your hospital?

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Hey, this topic reminds me of a joke. OK here goes:

A nurse dies and goes to heaven. At the pearlly gates St.Peter asks her if she wants to go to heaven or hell.

Being a good nurse she wants to "access" both places

The tour starts with heaven: beautiful, peaceful, serene

Then moves to hell where the devil is having one heck of a party

:dance: :devil:

Best of all the devil is a looker and he is giving our nurse all of the attention :wink2:

The nurse decides that hell is the place for her. She tell St. Peter that she wants to stay in hell.

Are you sure? asks St. Peter

Yes, Yes. the nurse replies. Heaven was nice, but I like a little action

The next day our nurse was in for a shock. :uhoh21: No more parties, everyone is overworked and cranky, and worst of all the devil is acting like he doesn't even know her name

In a panic the nurse calls St. Peter back. "This place is nothing like it was yesterday" she complains

"Well what did you expect?" asks St. Peter. "Yesterday, they were recruiting you..... Today, your staff"

Sorry to highjack the thread. Just wanted to share

That was SO cute!!! Got to remember THAT one. Sad to say it is a great metaphor as well, but that is what makes it so good.

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We were sent an email saying we didn't reach our goal of referrals for HR.!

I'm sorry to say this, but you have some real dimwits in HR.:eek: But then, you probably already knew that.

Your job is to provide nursing care, not recruit.

I would be tempted to find my job description, copy it, attach a copy of the email and return it to HR noting that recruiting is not my responsibility!!

Now I did work for a company that believed the best referrals came from existing employees and offered a $1000 signing bonus to the person who made the referral if someone was hired. But this was an industry where there were 500 applicants for each position and took lots of effort to make each hire. The co figured it was worth the money to get a good candidate right off the bat.


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