How long after passing NCLEX for NY BON to activate my license?

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How long after passing NCLEX for NY BON to activate my license?

Good morning nurses. Does anyone knows how long does New York take to activate your Nurse lic?? I just passed the Board last Thursday. 

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New York and California have the largest # nurses/state so application processing is slow. add in COVID delay, longer now.

Per BON website, processing December dates;   wait at least 6 weeks post submission prior to emailing BON for inquiry


We are currently reviewing documents received during the dates noted below. Applications with education from outside the U.S. usually require a lengthier review process.

After you have submitted all your documentation, please allow 6 weeks before submitting a Contact Us Form  to request a status update. We cannot provide the status of a licensure application by phone. We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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Usually almost immediately.

Once you pass the NCLEX, Pearson's sends the result to the BON, BON verifies that you meet criteria then you are granted the license.

It was almost immediate in my state. Unless there are background check issues it shouldn't take long at all. I have heard up to 24 hours in some states.

I passed my exam on the 30 June but still after two and half months there is no license or official result? Do you have any advice for me?

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Please read my post above.... send an EMAIL requesting status...won't give update over the phone.

Yes. I had the quick results 48 hours later and 20 days for the NY nursing board to issue a license number.

It’s been 7 days for me. PV says results are on hold and Quick Result is not available. The waiting game is intense and suspense LOL. 

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Thank you very much, did do the mandatory trainings. My license was posted on BON NY 9 days after I did my NCLEX exam.

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I recently pass the NCLEX on august 23 but until now I havent any recieve my registeres nurse license and I cant see my name in the list of passe. What should I do ? 

Hey I did get my liscence posted it took 12 days to post and 3 weeks to get the physical in the mail. So I believe it posted online March 28th

Mine posted nine days after I passed the NCLEX; I'm in NY.

ll guess then I'll blame it on covid and holiday because I took it on Thursday and says I passed but nothing yet posted on NY BON

Seems like I'm hearing that route too because I just checked and nothing yet. 

I tool my NCLEX for NY on Sept 11 and its still not there.

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