How long is the LVN to ADN step up program?


Does anybody know how long this program take?

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Which program? Which school? There are a ton of LPN to ADN programs out there.

Might want to give some specifics so you can get an answer.

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Does anybody know how long this program take?

You could check with the program, itself. Make sure you consider the time any prerequisites may require.

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I checked on three programs when I did mine.. there were different times frames, costs, and pros and cons to each program.

The program I choose took me five semesters. Because I had done my LPN 23 years prior all of my pre-reqs had "expired" and had to be redone. So three semesters to do pre-reqs and have an associates of science then I applied and went into the LPN to RN bridge program. I basically joined into the ADN program in their second year.

I first contacted the schools, ended up email admissions advisors transcript sand they were able to tell me what I needed to get in and what I'd have to take once in to graduate. Then I looked at the course catalogues and planned out when classes were offered and how long it'd be able to complete.

Good luck on your journey.