How long is too long to give "No PIV meds" in a PIV?


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I agree with above posters ! is the patient going home on iv meds?? but vanco goes ok thru piv's

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If the pt is going home with PO vanco, then they can take it now because they have

C-diff--oral vanco and flagyl (IV or PO) are usually the best choices. I don't know of any other circumstance where PO vanco is used. If the pt is being treated for MRSA and is going home on IV vanco, they need a PICC line.

At my facility, we give vanco all the time through a peripheral. Most post-op pt's with PCN allergies will get vanco instead of a cephalosporin. Short term abx are usually given through a PIV--long-term abx will eventually need a PICC. Some pt's who are really hard sticks will get a short term IJ instead of a peripheral.

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Interesting topic I work peds and give my kids Vanco through peripherals all the policy or such contraindicating it here. The only reason we put PICC's in r/t IV meds is if the pt is going home on them/going to be on IV meds for an extended time in the hospital/ or the the pt will also be on TPN.

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A little more info:

The patient was admitted with a "suspected" MRSA abscess. Turned out not to be MRSA.

Will be going home tomorrow, probably on oral Rifampin.

This is all moot information to my original question though...

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We give vanco 1gm in 250 mls for PIVs and vanco 1gm in 100 mls for central access.

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"Vancomycin PO doesn't for anything but gut-related infections (C. diff colitis for instance). No real system absorption that route."

"the doctor that wants to prescribe PO vancomycin for a non-enteral staph infection needs a swift kick to the side of the head."

I've missed something - seriously? PO Vanco is worthless against MRSA unless it's enteral?

PO vanco has very poor systemic availability. It basically stays in your gut.

Consequently, it only works on bacteria in your gut.

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