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I was wondering how long between actual graduation and sitting for boards. I want to try to get a job by October and my graduation is August 17th. How long was it for you and how far in advance did you try to sign up? Thank you!

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I graduated in Aug 18 from FCCJ. I took boards in Oct but I was ready to sit for in Sept. Just remember to put the correct info on the paper work and you should have everything in about 2 weeks.

(I think you go to FCCJ if I am not mistaken, maybe I am confusing you with someone else. Anyway 2 things when you fill out your paper work, when they ask for your graduation date put the last day of the semester. Like my pinning was the 18th and the last day of the semester was the 22nd. The 22nd was the actual graduation date. That held up alot of students. The class questions they ask like med class and aid class, its a yes because its in the FCCJ curriculm. If you go to FCCJ. =D ) Hope that helps!


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Aww thank you!! Yes, I do go to FCCJ. I wanna try to sit as soon as possible and get it over with. I really appreciate it!


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I graduated March 10 and took my boards on March 27. Received my results March 30th. I started working at the beginning of May. Took a bit longer to get a job than I expected!!

Good luck to you. This is a nervous and exciting time!!!

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:D I forgot to say congrats and good luck.
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I graduated on May 2nd. My school gave us the "okay" to apply for our license on May 11th, and I applied for it that day (although it was not processed until the 12th).

I received my sit pass/ATT on June 1st. I took the test on June 11th. Found out I passed the next day. :)

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, and best wishes to you!


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I graduated August 18th, took Kaplan the following two weeks, then sat for boards on September 11th. I began working as an RN on October 1st. I submitted my paperwork and paid the fees for my boards and license the beginning of my final term of nurshing school. I am not sure that doing it all that early really helped, because I know some people did all of that and still hadn't received their ATT by the end of September, but I didn't want to be responsible for creating any hold ups for myself.


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I'm in the Orlando area. I graduated June 18. The school sent our information to the State on July 13. I got my ATT today, July 15. I'm taking boards tomorrow, July 16. I had the option of also taking it in a week, or waiting about a month.

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