How long to follow up for job?

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Hi. So current situation is this...

I work at a public charter school that is run by a board and all hires are basically done through the director. To put it in perspective... I applied for the job, had an interview and was offered the position in just over 24 hours of applying. Good news is they love me and have asked me to come back next year offering more than what I asked for for salary. I haven't received the paperwork or signed a contract yet.

I applied for another position though in the county school system. It is part time and closer to my house (which the hours are a big reason for applying). My question is how long do I wait to follow up on my application? Since it is public county schools I figured to give it some time but also get nervous when I don't hear anything. So... What would you do or recommend?


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Which job do you want?

I would call.

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I would check in every week...not on Monday or Friday...until I got an answer; so call em today.

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When I was hired I wasn't officially hired until the school board met to approve all new hires (this is protocol). So I couldn't give my 2 weeks notice for a month... find out if that's the hang-up with the public school and hang in there.

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Part time school nurse job.

If you really want the PT job with the county schools, I wold be polite but persistent. Call them today and remind them of who you are, when you interviewed and say something like "I really look forward to hearing something soon. When might I hear from someone about the position"? See what they say.

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