How long for CPNE wait??


I just would like to know how long everyone waited since the date of there application to get a date and how far out the date was from application time...thanks and also if anyone has tested at the Queens Site....I am just planning ahead. thanks again


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i just would like to know how long everyone waited since the date of there application to get a date and how far out the date was from application time...thanks and also if anyone has tested at the queens site....i am just planning ahead. thanks again

are you done with your nursing exams?? i am also eager to prepare for the cpne but i read multiple times here that i should wait until i finish all the nursing exams to worry about the cpne. so that is what i am doing. i have 5 more nursing exams to do so it's still a long way.

i didn't know they have a site in queens, ny. please update us if you hear anything.



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i was just looking at this yesterday, kind of trying to plan my year ahead...the cpne faq says something like 2-3 months to get a date within a 4-6 month time frame. but, i have seen people getting dates fairly quickly, like within 2-3 months of application. just depends on how you apply...if you are specific about sites, it takes longer, but if you take cancellations/first site available, it seems to be moving fairly quickly. i know they've opened up testing in some places to be m-w and f-s, so that has helped a bit. i don't care where i go, i just wanna make sure i have time/money for a workshop in there somewhere. definitely don't wanna go into the "beast" cold turkey!! good luck! it'll be here before we know it!


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My application was accepted July 9 and I waited for MPAC about 1.5 months with no word. Transfered to NPAC and got an immediate date for Sept 24-26. I declined and accepted Dec 5-7 in Utica NY. So about 5 months but by choice. Its definetly something you don't wanna rush. It is a lot of things you need to know and you need lots of practice.

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Applied for CPNE 11/2007. Received date in 04/2008, tested 06/2008. MPAC, Mansfield. I wanted at least 6 months for prep, so I didn't request a cancellation, and I also requested one specific site (it was within driving distance, sorta -- 6 hours). You can get a date faster if you request a cancellation date.

But as agldragon wisely suggested ... focus on the present exams. The CPNE will come later. ;)

I called Northern region yesterday and got a date for Jan 2010. They offered me Dec but i declined (need more time to prepare).. and its in Queens


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queens site....thats good to know, when did you apply for CPNE?


I applied in Sept for the Southern Region but when i didnt here anything from them i called and they said the wait was long, so i decided since i live on the east coast ill just transfer over to the northern region. So i called the northern region last week and they gave me a date


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Any one testing in queens dec 11-13?


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when did you get your date of 12/11-12/13?? just curious. I would love to here the details of your weekend. Good Luck!!!


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about 3-4 days after submitting my app. And it was a 2month wait actually. make sure to select all sites regardless, get on the cancellation list whatever. and also be persistant with your calls, i mean dont just sit around expecting to receive a date as soon as possible you have to call the scheduling center and also check ur ECP i mean if only you are prepared. NPAC sites are said to be a 2-4 mos wait and its actually true.Definitely will keep u posted God is in control with him all things are possible.

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