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How do you like case management nursing?

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On 10/16/2012 at 4:13 PM, NickiLaughs said:

It's incredibly boring. I'm honestly trying to go back to floor nursing. If you don't mind a desk job with a lot of typing, you might like it. There are different areas, I'm in utilization review, where the hospitals have to "prove" the inpatient stay was necessary and warranted. It's not hard, but it's busy work. I know there are more people who are involved in the transitions of care end, I only do a little bit of it. What I've learned is many patients aren't compliant and we can't force them to be. That's the problem with our system being broke. The drug addict with 63 ER visits is probably not going to change.....

THIS THIS THIS.....1,0000 TIMES. Although i do like case management...im getting bored out of my mind. And i dont feel like im making a difference. I work from home a d most days i find myself doing busy work. I just cant take it anymore. Alot of people like case management...and more power to them...but this will be a job i visit in the latter years of my nursing career when (God forbid) i cant work the floor anymore. I am actively seeking employment back at the hospital. 😊

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