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How i landed a new grad position


Well considering the job shortage for new grads, I was able to land an interview at John Hopkins in MD and Cooper in Camden NJ. I got job offers for both but decided to go with Cooper in their Critical Care Unit for new grads. I graduatedin Dec 09 but now I just have to pass my boards. LISTEN GUYS, THERE ARE JOBS OUT THERE. I started my job search in October, two months before graduation. I think what helped me the most was an impeccable resume PLUS cover letter. Do not try to skimp on the COVER LETTER because you may be passed over due to it. I specialize in writing resumes on the side so I knew just how to format and what to put in it. THANK GOD. I was told by some that my resume looked professionally done. Next, register with a site like Indeed.com or careerbuilder and have an alert emails sent to you every day that SPECIFY new grads positions. I'm tellin ya I got about 5-10 a day. Also, if it states experience required DO NOT APPLY, if it states experience preferred then DO APPLY. Some jobs sent to me were 10 miles and no more than 30 miles away from me but they were NEW GRAD positions. Remember a beautifully written cover letter and resume gets you noticed and in the door, start with that first. GOOD LUCK to all and reme,ber tghere are jobs you just have to be unique in your approach and slither through the cracks. Oh by the way, the position at Cooper was not even posted on their website but I took initiative to call their HR and ask. They told me no not right now maybe later and 1 mos later they called me for an interview. I am truly blessed. Be patient.

Sounds as if you are completely arrogant! While I'm happy that you found a new grad RN position in NJ, in this terrible time, your attitude is very condescending. There are many hard working, competent RN's out there still looking for jobs. Possibly you do not appreciate the how hard we've searched for many more months than you have. I'm happy for your luck, but a great cover letter and resume is not the golden ticket.


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Don't be a hater. Where's the arrogance in the OP's post? He or she worked hard to get what they got, and the efforts paid off. Congrats! Thanks for sharing your strategy and perhaps your tips could help us in the long run!


I'm sure he/ she worked hard, no where in my post did I say he/she didn't. I've gone through nursing school as well. It's hard. I don't down play that at all. I am offended by the grandiose attitude throughout her post. Maybe, you have a job, and don't know how what it feels like to be a completely competent RN and be passed over. I,in no way want to pass on negativity.

@mtshevlin I was totally unaware that I sounded arrogant, I though more so just excited than anything b/c I know how hard it is out here to land a position. If you are not able to be receptive of people trying to give ideas, log off. U never know what peice of information that may be helpful to someone even it has not helped u. It just might not apply to you that's all. This is ALLNURSES right, "nurses helping nurses." @ Paco386 message me if I can be of any assistance in you endeavors. Good luck to all.


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Thanks for the ideas Sky....really appreciate it! I never thought of loggin on with sites like Indeed.com. Doing that now =)

P.S. KUDOS on finding a job!! *does the happy dance WITH you!*

P.P.S. sooooo How bout some help with the resume n coverletter? ;) LOL


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SKYSTHELIMIT-I'm very happy for you and your new career and this gives me hope with using some of the ideas that you shared I too will be able to find my first career has a nurse soon after graduation. I was appalled with the comment that mtshevlin left. That shows sour attitude and nature.

That's great Sky... Congrats! I tried applying for the New Grad position as well at Cooper, I guess I definitely do need to work on the resume and cover letter... maybe I will get a phone call as well!! maybe not from Cooper but from another hospital! Good Luck and Congrats again!

I wouldn't mind takin a look at ur resume....not a problem.

Congratulations Sky. And thanks for the advice.

I'm just curious as to how you formatted your resume and cover letter. I'm not really an expert in making those stuff and I'm still having a problem as to what to place in there because of my lack in experience.

Having graduated from a foreign country I'm not really sure how to arrange my clinical rotations. If it should be by hospital or by area.

Any help and advice from you would be greatly appreciated. :D

SKY- I really though you provided some well-needed encouragement for new graduates in your post. I think your advice was helpful as well. Very often people on allnurses post that they have found new graduate positions, but do not necessarily provide as much insight on how they went about their search. Many thanks for your post. :yeah:

Congrats Sky!! I, too, believe you provided us with great advice and encouragement. Just out of curiosity... did you have any previous experience in the medical field? I'm graduating in June and have been pondering on how to do a resume. I have no previous medical experience; only in HR/Payroll.

SKYSTHELIMIT can you please take a look at my cover letter & resume? how can i send it to you?

So i am applying to nursing programs too. is it really that hard to get a job? isnt there supposed to be a nursing shortage? and isnt it part of humanity to feel happy about others achievements? dam wow!!!! i am soo upset! so if i am a nurse and my patient gets better sooner than my colleague's, should she be upset at me? nooo!!! another person feels better now..and perhaps the other one will too soon,,but we just have to wait a bit longer. this msg was about encouraging some people out there...new or not....and it should encourge those that r not new grads because in fact u will have a better chance at landing a job than the one without the experience. but anyway...i am not completly sure i want to go into nursing. i am grauating college and need a job. ive always wanted to be a nurse but have been discouraged and drained at my current institution. i havent been accepted to nursing school yet, but my plan is to get a nursing degree so that i can have a job! but if they r not hiring then i will be in debt and without a job! y?? y is everyone going into nursing because there r job? but why does this post say there arent job!!! please help!! experienced nursing students and everything else out there. also what do u guys know about felician and job placement. and felician as a school in general? where can i find nj state schools pass rate for nclex?

congratulations SKYSTHELIMIT that sounds awesome!


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Hi Sky!

So great to hear your story! I have one more year to go in a ADN program and would like to take you up on your offer of reviewing resumes. I have a nurse externship this summer to, I intend to add that to my resume. Please PM me or reply on here if you're still able to do it.

How's work going now?

try loving care, psa, and starlight. all three of those agencies hire new grads and start at around 27/hr in nj. homehealth pediatric agencies