How did you know nursing was for you?


What made you decide that you wanted to be a nurse? How did you decide nursing/medical was where you wanted to go? If you have a specialty, how did you know that's where you wanted to go?

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Nursing is just who I am. I'm a nuturer at heart and love to serve people. I love the art and science of nursing. Sometimes I have really bad days at work, and I brainstorm to figure out what else can I do for a career. I realized that I'm kinda stuck with nursing when I couldn't figure out any other job that I would like or get instant gratification from.

I'm not working in the specialty of my choice at the current moment,however I'm doing what I love to do so right now it is enough for me.

My goal is to be a PP nurse. I'm still patiently waiting, until then I'm going to continue to be the best ED nurse I could be.


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I feel the same way, Im still only a student, but I cant think of anything else I'd rather (or be happy) doing.


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Honestly I didn't know what else to do in school. So here I am. I don't particularly love nursing. I'll do my job from 7a-7p and then I'm done.

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I took several years off from nursing to raise my kids and when I was ready to start working again I decided I would figure out what I really wanted to do since I just wasn't all that sure the first time I went to school. I don't like the Mon-Fri 8-5 grind, sitting behind a desk all day, selling stuff, etc. Nursing gives me flexibility, variety, good money, it's task oriented which I like, challenging, and I get to help people. I'm a natural nuturer. Nursing fits me well. Sure there's a lot of stuff you have to put up with, stress, etc but all jobs have that. There are no perfect jobs. All that being said I sometimes wish I'd become a vet because my patients would be less demanding. :)


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Honestly, I didn't want to be a nurse at first. I never thought I'd be a nurse, but I knew I had to do something. Started nursing school and absolutely loved it. After each step I've taken, I've enjoyed it more and more. I'm no longer a nurse as profession, I'm a nurse as being. It's so strange. Now, I'm always a nurse.

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I will spare you the "dream" five I witnessed a nurse give a bar brawler a needle in his tush at a LA ER about 2 in the AM and I was HOOKED!!! Lol...I love science and communicating with well as problem solving, thinking things through, investigating...I will say I like philosophy, sociology, humanities and the arts...I like to write, paint, self I like arts and sciences...perfect for nursing! :)

As for specialty, I had always kept an open mind...I did ER, Tele/Stepdown as a PCT, so my interest was in critical care-the monitoring, investigating stabilization and educational opportunities that the nursing staff did while collaborating with the providers intrigued me. When I became a LPN, my first job was in Pediatric Home Health-that was unexpected. I also was a float at a Rehab Hospital where I worked more with the Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain injury and amputee patients, as well as trach/vent patients...I had both of those allowed me to teach, gain confidence in my decision making and advocate and help my patients advocate in dealing with complex medical issues. I even did nursing informatics doing chart reviews for Medicare as well. Did lots of agency work, working with Pediatric Orthopedic surgeons, LTC, and outpatient. I staffed myself, and was very flexible with what I wanted to do...although my main specialty remained Pediatrics. I found that in Peds, your clientele can go into seeing clients in the adult does satisfy the occasional pangs of adult care, but it is a good balance!

Currently, I am a new grad RN starting my first job as a PICU nurse. This is also my FIRST full-time job! :) It still has great flexibility, and I have the best of two specialties, Peds and Critical two loves. It took me almost 13 years to get there to get my niche, but I'm still enjoying and am pleased on how I am able to enjoy nursing on my own terms.


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After almost 10 years of sitting in a cubicle and being bored... I knew I wanted a career where I never have to stop learning! A career where I have so many options that I never have to leave the profession to find something new!