How to interpret ecg strips


Is there anyone know how can I study Ecg strips, it is not well taught or discussed in nursing school?


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You may want to look at You Tube videos.


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Is it taught guys by your clinical instructor or lecturers well? in nursing school or you just study it by yourself's ?

Honestly, I couldn't "get" ECGs until I took ACLS and PALS and had to memorize them. My instructors taught them, but I never really understood until I sat down with the material right in front of me and took practice test after practice test. PALS has a wonderful section at the back that shows different rhythms and how to recognize them, and the ACLS pretest (on their website) was really helpful too! You can buy the books on amazon, I think.


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anyone who worked in critical care who can share inputs?

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anyone who worked in critical care who can share inputs?

I was taught by my facility when I was new to ICU. The physicians ran courses all the time teaching us the 123's of EKG's......I worked for a very special place.

I shared some really great web sites that can teach you and give you a phenomenal amount of information and teaching.....I ahve worked critical care for 34 years.

What else are you looking for?

Google is your friend.'S