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How I passed the nclex


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share how I passed the NCLEX-RN my first time and my experience. For some background info, I have a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Then I went straight into a second Bachelors program for Nursing. It was 2.5 semesters and I graduated with a 3.499 GPA (i know soo close to cum lada). But I still graduated with honors and made the honor society. I did the 4 week Kaplan class, and took the NCLEX 4 weeks later. I originally planned to take the NCLEX the second week on July but pushed it back because I went on Vacation (and I didn't study). So I pushed it back a week and took it the 3rd week on July. I did every single NCLEX qbank and question trainers. (Kaplan is expensive, wanted to get my $$ worth!!)

My scores

Diagnostic test- 58

Readiness test- 66

Question Trainers 6- 66

Question Trainer 7- 61

Qbank overall 62%

(Question trainers 6 and 7 really mimic the NCLEX that's why i posted them).

I am not going to lie, I really didn't use the decision tree after the class, only if the question was an ABC, or I was totally stuck. But i did use the decision tree with delegation and priority questions.

I used the Kaplan e-book you can get for free off amazon, and I had the hard copy book from a friend. I also used the Saunders 4th edition for content review (I didnt have $ for a 6th edition). Like I said, I did every single Kaplan question and read the rational for every question, right or wrong. I think that's what really helped me pass the nclex. I also had the 35 page study guide that's floating around the internet and studied lab values, even though I didn't have any lab values.

NCLEX- the computer shut off around 82-83 questions which took around 1hr 20mins. I had 2 pictures, about 3 meds, 1 herbal medication, nutrition, therapeutic communication, priority and delegation, and about 20 SATA. All I had all questions ranging from peds, psych, maternity, med-surg, and foundations.

I hope this helps, I prayed, took my time, did a lot of positive self talk, and studied 5 sometimes 6 days a week (But I still went out and partied). I finished all the kaplan qbank questions a week before I took the exam. I did question trainer 7 two days before I took it, then i put my books away and relax. (i took it 2 days after that). I also work part time about 25 hrs a week, 3 1/2 days a week. I remained focused and I did it! and yes you can go on vacation before you take the NCLEX, that was my biggest worry. I did the pearsonvue trick and got the good pop up and passed, so I'm a believer in it!

Good luck to everyone you can do it :)

yedwards42, BSN, MSN

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congrats !!!!!!!!there I had a ATT number I will take my test soon