How I passed NCLEX PN on the 1st try with 85 questions!!!

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Let me start by saying thank you to all the members who are constantly sharing, asking questions and giving advices throughout their nursing journey.

I recently took my NCLEX PN and passed. I promised I would share my success with you. I'll try to make it short :)

To begin with I was NOT an A student, I struggled through nursing school but I never lost hope, I stayed focus and never gave up.

we used ATI throughout the program and I wasn't really doing as many questions that I should've been doing. I was always on level 2 for all the subjects ( you'll know what I'm talking about if you use ATI.

Last week of school I took the ATI predictor and got an 85% chance of passing the Nclex on the first try ( not that great).. so I went ahead and got the Virtual ATI after graduation. I started using it for few days and was even more confused so I stopped using it ( $300 down the drain)

30 days before my exam I started using Uworld ( best decision ever). I did about 45-150 questions daily, scored anywhere from 48%- 70% . No matter what my score was I would only focus on the rationals ( knowing why I got it wrong or why I got it right)

-I watched a lot of videos from YouTube ( registerednurse RN she's great)

- Someone posted a study guide on this forum ( can't remember who) all I did was google PN study guide on allnurses and found it. I printed it (35 pages) and read it over and over and over ..

- Listened to Mark Klimek audio, very helpful.

- Most importantly I prayed like there is no tomorrow... Pray Pray Pray!! I can't stress it enough.

- Yes I watched some videos, go over the study guide, did questions the day before and day of the test. I was sitting outside the testing center 30 mnts before my test and was reviewing...

-" I can do all things through God who strengthens me." Was the only thing I wrote on my board while taking the exam. :)

- it's ok to feel like you're not ready because you never will be 100% ready. Trust yourself and let God guide you....

Ps: did the PVT an hour after my exam and got the good pop up

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Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome

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