How do I get thru waiting for acceptance/denial letters

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So I've applied to the schools that I have chosen to apply to and now begins the waiting game. I won't find out if I've been accepted to then until November, which is a terribly long time away. In order to maximize my options, I applied to all levels of the program. I got accepted into an LPN program, but I also applied to an ADN and BSN program as well. I wanted to have a for sure choice of options in case one fell thru, but my ultimate goal is for the BSN. The only downside is the almost 6 month wait any tips you guys can provide will be helpful at this point.

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Maybe take a class... You can start taking general ed classes that will count towards your BSN. You can also work and save money for when you're in the program or volunteer at a hospital. I also suggest periodically reviewing your a&p; nothing intense but keep it fresh in your mind.

Last option but may be the hardest, is to relax! Enjoy your life as a non-nursing student.

I took an intense 20 unit semester while waiting for my program and got my AA in child development. Hopefully it comes in handy when I start my peds rotation, lol. Good luck!

I'm currently working as a Lab Tech so that helps ease my mind a bit. I was also thinking about taking a few more classes as well, but not sure which ones. Thank you for the advice, it all helps 😊😊


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For me, waiting for my letter was the worst part! (and I only had to wait 3 months).

Like the PP said, take some classes to keep your mind busy and focused on school-mode. You can take some of your co-reqs for the program so there would be less on your plate once you start the program.

I guess in situations like these it's better to be more proactive. I appreciate the great advice