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  1. I'm enrolled to take this class in the fall and I'd like to be somewhat prepared about what to expect. I know it will be based on drug therapies and their contraindications, but I'm not sure if that's it in its entirety. Should I expect dosage calcul...
  2. Spring 2017 bsn student

    I'm over the moon that after all my hard work I finally got into nursing school. It has definitely been a rough journey... With choosing a school, deciding which path to take and then having it finally happen has me elated. Even though I'm happy I'm ...
  3. CPM VS. BSN

    @minerwife927 Thats all I've been hearing is how CNM is the best route to take. But then I've read so much information on how CPM's have been so fulfilled and happy on the decision they made to get that credential. I've researched several successful ...
  4. Maryland nursing program that doesn't require TEAS

    @RNsRWe seems we both have very essential views on the perspective. I'm sure with proper preparation this teas obstacle will be a distant memory 😊😊
  5. Maryland nursing program that doesn't require TEAS

    @RNsRWe the point of the post was not to suggest that academics do not matter when it comes to nursing or any other profession. The point was that with anything worthwhile comes obstacles, and one must work thru those obstacles to get to the ultimate...
  6. Maryland nursing program that doesn't require TEAS

    I would advise your sister to try to study for the subjects she's the weakest in. Just because she hasn't passed the TEAS test yet does not mean she isn't fit to be a nurse. The exam is given to determine your readiness for a nursing program, but all...
  7. CPM VS. BSN

    Cayenne06 Do you regret doing CPM first? Do you still have contact with people who have preferred to stay within the CPM route? I do know that taking the route to CNM is probably the most secure because you can work in any of the 50 states without re...
  8. CPM VS. BSN

    Thank you very much. I appreciate your advice. Looks like I still have some soul searching to do.
  9. CPM VS. BSN

    So I was all set to start my LPN program next month and low and behold I ran into a site that opened up the door to midwifery. My ultimate goal was to get a BSN and hopefully land a job in L&D because that's where my heart lies. I really have no ...
  10. Just when I thought I had it figured out

    I've tried to, but I can't seem to change it... Maybe there's something I'M not doing correctly
  11. I took the NCLEX for the 3rd time this morning 😢

    Good luck, I hope everything goes as planned
  12. Summer semester/clinicals

    @mscoleman78 How are your maternity clinicals setup? Is it just skills you perform in the lab, or do they actually allow to visit maternity wards? just curious, the school I plan on attending does all of those skills in the skills lab versus the hosp...
  13. Just when I thought I had it figured out

    I briefly researched this school, what are the TEAS requirements?
  14. So I thought I had everything mapped out thus far. I ended up landing a pretty great job as a lab technician in a hospital working full time, and I also got accepted into an LPN program. I am now having second thoughts, ultimately my goal is to becom...
  15. Got my acceptance to Chamberlain!!

    What classes will you be taking online for the first two semesters?