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morning everyone. i've been studying everything i can find on where to apply. has anyone got a list of registered nurse program sites offered that are not bsn? i've searched the net for days literally trying to find out where these programs are that do just rn certificates. i am leaning that way because i am hearing that it is so difficult to get into the upper level of bsn so i'm thinking why not get the certificate, find a hospital, then use tuition reimbursement program to go from rn to bsn. any thoughts on this? i'm 35 and this is a complete career change. also, does anyone here have knowledge of hospitals that will hire people and agree to tuition if the new student agrees to work for them after graduation? someone told me that they had heard of this before. are there really hospitals that desperate and if so, how does one find them. any brainstorming, help or opinions would be oh so welcome.

thank you all

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Hi, Welcome to all nurses!

I don't know what state you are from. Here in Iowa, I can go to my state board of nursing web-site and look up accredited schools in the state. If your googling for your information, don't search under "RN Certificate", because most programs refer to them selves as "Associate Degree programs, or Hospital Diploma programs". You'll find more information that way.

In my area, all the hospitals offer tuition assistance to their current employees. Main draw back, your stuck in a contract to work for at least 3 yrs on the shift/floor they choose for you.

Another thing to do is make sure you have the best Grade Point Average you can before applying to schools. Nursing acceptance is extremely competitive all thought the united states.

Good luck with your search!


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You actually might want to just go for the BSN if you are planning to go for it someday anyway. I have found in my own experience and in reading some posts on here that its Easier to get int he BSN program(provided you get the grades) because they do not have long wait lists. As far as Rn certificates, i think you mean ADN Or ASN ( which are associates degree's in nursing) or Diploma(which most hospitals give), you can get Post RN certificates once you graduate from an approved ADN/BSN/Diploma school.

I do not think the hospitals are desperate, but of course there is a nursing shortage, and hospitals want the brightest and the best nurses and new grads and they temp them with things like tuition reimbursement.

Like TANAZANITE said go to your state board of nursing website and they should list approved programs. i think if you are just starting out your best bet would be to find a few schools, talk to an adviser and then make your move. Good luck and welcome to allnurses


Many community colleges offer inexpensive RN programs. You could contact some in your area and ask what the pre-requisites are in order to get a start.

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Hiya. I just graduated from a 3-year diploma program and it was great.

You may want to check out this site. It lists all nursing schools by state.

Good luck to you.


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You might also want to check into hospitals that provide nursing programs. Some hospitals have their own independent Diploma and ADN/ASN programs--I was just accepted into such a program. In addition, there are plenty of community or technical colleges that offer nursing programs...there are an abundance of allnurses members who have obtained their degrees that way and are just as prepared for the NCLEX as anyone with a BS. You'd be pleasantly surprised as to the number of nursing schools out there :)

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hi, horseladyinmt!

i think what you are asking is "how do i get an associates degree in rn nursing?" is that right? as i was reading your post, i thought that you were, at first, looking for an online school to do this. your post is really not clear on this. there is no such thing as an rn certificate in the united states.

i'm assuming that the "mt" in your screen name refers to the state of montana. if i'm right, then here is a link to a page on the montana board of nursing that lists the approved schools of rn nursing on the left side of the page you will see that there are 4 colleges listed that offer an associates degree in rn nursing—that is a two year degree. you will notice that the names of the programs are underlined and are links to the websites of those college nursing programs where you can get some online information about them.

if i'm wrong about the state you are in, you can find the aa degree programs for nursing for the state in which you actually live by running your mouse over the "links" button on the top right of this page. a drop down menu appears. click on "boards of nursing". a page of links will come up. chose the state in which you live and click on it. a link to the board of nursing for your state will come up. click on it. when that website comes up, look for a link on the page to education programs or a listing of nursing schools. some sites list this link very clearly. on other sites you kind of have to open drop down boxes and explore around the site for it. if you can't find a listing of schools, get a phone number or address for the state board and contact them on monday morning.

if i am totally wrong, please re-phrase your thoughts and try posting your question again so we can help you get an answer to your question.

i am also giving you two very good links to explore about the career of nursing. it should help you understand the differences between aa degrees and bsn degrees and well as some of the specialties in nursing.

welcome to allnurses! :welcome:

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