How do I become an independant rn in home health


I've been working home health for about a year and I enjoy just working with one patient. My agency has abruptly ended the contract with my client for a variety of reasons that basically comes down to $. The family want me to stay and I thought rather than start with another patient maybe I could go on my own here without an agency so I could make more $. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks.


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Since you have an ongoing relationship with the family, all you need do is to come to terms and keep on going if you feel comfortable. With a brand new client, however, it would be more advisable to render those terms to a written contract. Examples of private duty contracts can be found on the internet. Do not forget that you need to address employment taxes, if the employer does not do so. Just because you are working private duty does not mean those deductions are not required. Now you have to make sure this happens instead of relying upon an agency employer. See an accountant/tax expert if you have any questions after researching what must be paid. Whether or not you signed a non-compete clause with the agency employer, it is not a good idea to bring up the subject with them. They might choose to sue you or to blacklist you in the local job market for 'stealing' business from them. Rest assured, no matter the real reasons, if they find out you are staying with the case, it will become your fault that they lost the case. You don't need the bad blood.

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Thank you for all the info. I'm staying with the same client but with a different agency. One day I would like to make all the money and not share it.


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First off find out if your current agency has a stipulation preventing you from working with any of their clients for a period of time after either you leaving them, or the patient leaving them. All agencies in my experience have an anti-poaching clause to prevent them losing employees or patients.


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I have heard of nurses who had patients leave our agency and move to another. They liked the nurse and the nurse just joined the agency the family switched to. Working on my own sounds a bit complicated for my taste. I believe our Agency has some agreement about working with same client outside our agency but I guess people do it anyway. The client wasn't poached. The client chose to change agencies and poached the nurse!