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How do I address disciplinary action with potential employer?



Getting my license reinstated has been a journey for me and the allnurses community has been wonderful and supportive the whole way and so I come to you again with another hurdle in my path.

How should I address the disciplinary action on my license with a potential employer? I am so torn. I was so afraid when I started this journey to getting my license reinstated but now that I have, I still have to face my past every time I apply for a job because of the disciplinary action even though my record was expunged and the Board has reinstated my license, I still don't know how to address the issue in an interview. There is the part of me that wants to lay everything out on the table first before I even get started and then there is the other side of me that would like for the potential employer to get to know ME first and then address the issue. How do I handle this? I feel like I am walking into every facility with a scarlett "A" (addict) on my forehead and that my opportunities are very limited because of the disciplinary action so I don't want to blow it when I get a chance, but I think I have.

I was called by a facility in my area to bring a resume by and I was not prepared when they wanted to interview me right on the spot. I was interviewed by the education director and the director of nursing and both were very kind and easy to speak with and said they felt very excited about meeting me. I thought the question of why I had been out of nursing would come up and that would be my opening, but it never did. I was thankful that they got to know me first before my past but there was a part of me that wanted to just stop everything and address the action before they ran my license but there was a celebration of nursing week going on and the mood was festive and I blew it. I never addressed it before I left and now I feel I have ruined an opportunity that I may never get again because I wasn't prepared.

Can anyone give me any suggestions about how to handle this in the correct way in the future? I want to do the right thing and I know it will always have to be addressed at some point, but what should I do? If I lay it out first, I run the risk of them only seeing that first and not bothering to get to know me, or if I wait, I run the risk of looking like I am hiding something.

Thanks so much in advance


At this point you have not told them any lies. They are going to see it and ask about it. At that point you can explain your situation. You and I can't do anything about the fact that they might look at it and decide not to call you back. As for bringing it up in an interview, I hope that somebody that has been through this can advise you. I just don't know what to say there. I wish I could say something that would ease your worry but I doubt it there is much I can say. I can give you a virtual pat on the back though.

You may get totally different advise, but my gut reaction would be that they MAY not call you again, you DID go for the interview and didn't mention the disciplinary action even though I assume had the opportunity. No employer will "know you well enough" IMO and you're best approach is to be open and honest during that first interview and since this wasn't mentioned by you, they MAY interpret you were attempting to hide it. Perhaps calling them back now and start by letting them know you were very impressed by the facillity, would like to work there, and have some additional information you would like to share also? Possibly others will have ideas.

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Call them back and arrange to meet with them ASAP, while the job is still open. Tell them what you told us, and hopefully they will be impressed by your honesty. Make it clear to them that you are ready and eager to get back to work. Best of luck and a big hug to you! :flwrhrts:


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Your best bet is to be up front and honest. I think an employer will trust you for this.


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