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How Hard is General Biology Test and lab



I am currently taking my General Biology and I'm having a hard time understanding the concept of it. I was just wondering before I drop the class if the test and lab work are also going to be hard or will it be easier than the lecture. I heard from some people that tests are easier than lecture because they are multiple choice, but I'm not so sure about the lab works. Please give your input as to how I should study for our upcoming test. Thank you in advance!

Well, my Bio teacher was a bit lazy. All we did was look at slides through the microscope in lab. No assignments at all. And he didn't feel like making us do a final so he made up some excuse and gave us all 100% so we all could go home

My gen bio class was okay. I did the whole thing online EXCEPT for labs. We went in once a week for a lab. Ask anyone-the labs don't match up with the lecture material. Our tests were extremely difficult b/c we had to watch hours of video lecture and print up 100's of pages of notes. The 3rd test was their self proclaimed "weed-out" test. It was the cellular respiration/ photosynthesis test. You have to take gen bio as a pre req anyway, so I say just go to class and do the best job you can do!! I am sure you'll be just fine!! BTW, our teacher changed her syllabus on the last day of class (final exam day) and I ended up with an 88 all the while thinking I had an A! The class is set up to be difficult! :banghead: Kelli

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Our General Bio lab was taught by someone completely different, and while he tried to stay around our lectures, it usually ended up being a week or two ahead of lecture.

We had a great time in lab, though. Lecture was more difficult, but the teacher was amazing and made it easy to understand.

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For Bio I read the chapters at least twice. Every word. I re-wrote the bolded terms in the book in my notebook and studied those periodically as well. I taught concepts aloud back to my mother, and applied them to my own body. The tests were multiple choice and I ended up with 102, 100, and 98% on the first three. I have no idea what I got on the final because we never see the test graded as we take the final on the last day.

The teacher would lecture for 2 hours off a powerpoint which she printed out for us, but really, to do well, you needed to read the text, and it needs to become a very boring read, and the words need to be recognizable, as in, "I've seen this all before, I get it, I can move on now".

I ended up with an A after 7 weeks. Others in my class seemed to struggle. Maybe Bio is my kind of science whereas I'm awful at chemistry.

The labs hardly ever had anything to do with what we were learning at the time. All over the place really, and we worked in groups. Simple assignments, and ended up with an A there. I'm hoping A&P (which I start this fall) is like Bio for me, or along the same lines. If it is, then it should be a breeze.

I'm taking human biology which is the prerequite in phoenix for the A&P class. I like the class alot, and my professor's lectures are quite interesting. I think taking Human biology for Allied Health would fit better than taking General Biology because they emphasize more on human and animal biology rather than bio as a whole. Writing notes while in class helps me grasp the concept more and the lab is pretty interesting too. I'm happy that our exams will be all be mulitple choice. The exam for lectures and labs will be combined. Only thing that we are graded on in lab is the daily assignments. Well goodluck I am sure you will be fine. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your responses. I guess I'll find out tonight how my first lab work will be like:)

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