How hard is BIO 205 at Rio Salado?

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I am currently a student at ASU and I have to take microbiology. Do you guys think it would be easier to take the online 8 week course over the summer? Let me know! Thanks.:)

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Good day:

"Good" online classes tend to be harder than on site classes. Microbiology generally has a lab component. Call the school and see if they can put you in touch with students who took it online and on campus; then talk with them to see if it will be a fit for you.

Thank you.


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So far it's ok. I'm at the end of week three right now. It's a lot of work to keep up on - two units per week (with long chapters and lots of notes), with at least one assignment per unit (either a lab, quiz, essay, or two of those). But if you read the material really well it's not incredibly hard. You just have to keep up well. I'm behind on my notes and that's really slowing me down, trying to finish notes for the previous chapter and do the current ones plus assignments in just a couple days.


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The in person finals are crazy hard. They use a test bank and expect you to know everything from each chapter. I would use Phoenix College if you have the choice

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Moved to state forum. Please keep specific school threads in state forums....otherwise no one even knows where the school is located. Thanks.


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I feel like microbiology was a real fun class in person. I could not imagine taking it on line. My friend took it the first time with me and didn't do well so she took it online and it was ten times the amount of work and lots of writing and she said it wasn't fun at all. I think you would learn more with the lab if you find a good teacher and take it in person plus taking a lab on line is costly.


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I would take it in's super fun and less work load than if you were take it online. Chandler/Gilbert has awesome teacher named Orozco. Good luck!

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