How to go on after failing the NCLEX

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Hi Everyone,

I apologize ahead of time for my rant/long post. I just took my NCLEX with all 265 questions and I have paid for the quick results, which revealed that I failed. I graduated 3 months ago in the winter as I did an accelerated program but it was harder to get my paperwork in order. Hence, booking the NCLEX later that I would have liked. I really want to pass the NCLEX, but it's just hard keeping my spirits up at all.

I definitely made the mistake of telling people the date of my test and that just made me feel even worse. It was hard as people were persisting to know when I would take the NCLEX when it really wasn't anyone's business. Seeing my peers one by one announce they passed the NCLEX made me feel even more pressure. Now I'm just ashamed and embarrassed that everyone will figure out I failed instead of passed by my behavior.

My mother has paid for a trip to California for me (this was before the test) and I honestly feel too sad to go/guilt if I don't go since she has already paid the fees. I feel that I shouldn't go enjoying a vacation that I didn't deserve since I didn't pass the NCLEX. I also feel the pressure of being on a tight budget as I am not working right now and have been relying on my mother for income (we have talked about this multiple times before I had left my job) and I feel that I also need to pass so that I can finally give her a break. There's so much pressure and guilt in my heart, and now there's just disappointment that I just feel broken but I'm also trying to get back up.

I've been mainly using: Pearson VUE, UWorld, and Saunders Comprehensive Review. I've never been a great test taker either and I'm still trying to figure out how I can be better.

For those who have felt the same way after the NCLEX, how do you go on to prepare for the next one? Even those who have passed on the first try, what are your suggestions? Also, I don't know if it's a good idea to pick up a side job right now or to give the NCLEX another shot and wait for the big one...

Thank you for your time reading this.

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You will receive a Candidate Performance Report. This document provides information as to what areas were above passing standard, near passing standard, and below passing standard. It will help you determine where you need to focus your reviewing, although you should review all areas. This site has more info about the CPR as well as a sample of what one looks like.



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Thank you for the information! Do you know if I receive this report in approx. 6 weeks with my official results or sooner?

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You said people will figure out that you have failed. That means that you haven't confirmed it. So, if you haven't told anyone about the failure, simply tell them that at the last minute, you decided to reschedule your exam because of feeling ill-prepared. Then next time, keep quiet about it. Although I did pass on my first attempt, I never told anyone of my date until I was absolutely certain I had passed....goes a very long way to keeping those nerves in check if no one is watching or waiting.



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Thanks for your reply! When it comes to my family and friends, it's hard for me to not answer or lie to them. It would feel weird/not right for me to say that I didn't take it when I did, but I think it lies more with my morals and how I was raised. But, I will definitely not tell anyone the date the second time!