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How to get a job as an RN?

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Dear Fellow Nurses,

I have been having a very hard time finding a job. I have been looking for a job since December 2014, but still no luck :( ... Could anyone please give me any suggestions/tips on how to get an RN job, med-surg setting?

Thank you!

I know most of my friends that graduated last year got their positions by walking into the hospital and hand delivering their resume! This is what I plan to do.

Are you able to move? The facility where I work has several openings (by several i more tha 70 positions). There are nights days, med surg, renal, oncology, cardiology, home Heath, ect. I will send you the web site by private message


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If you are able to move, the Bible belt usually has a lot of job openings in hospitals. This is obviously a sweeping statement but in my state of Oklahoma, it is true.

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I graduated in Dec 13. I didn't get hired til June '14.

Over 200 applications/resumes submitted, ended up with several interviews in the same week and hired into my preferred hospital.

It takes time, apply to all kinds of places, LTC, hospitals, clinics etc.

Much depends on what area of the country you are in. Some States are so saturated with new grads, it takes a year or more to land a job. Others have jobs right after graduation.

See what's available in your area, and don't write off jobs you don't think of as "ideal". You might need to take something that isn't your life's dream, but it can get you in the door somewhere else, down the road, when you have some experience to list.