How to get a different type of nursing the job?


I really want to do something with psych - it's my passion. I'm going to be doing the psychiatric nurse practitioner program next year as well. What can I do with my RN license until I graduate that is psych related? I live in Kentucky, but I don't want to work at Eastern State hospital due to short staffing and a few other things. Is there any other things I can do with my RN license that is related to psych?

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You can work at a jail or prison since a significant percentage of inmates have psychiatric issues. You can also work in geri-psych with elders who have mental illness.


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There are lots of options in psychiatric nursing besides working at the state hospital. Some community hospitals have inpatient psychiatric units, and outpatient mental health programs employ some RNs. There are group homes and residential treatment programs for adolescents.

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TONS of avenues in the mental health field in Kentucky.