How do you get aides to give good peri care?

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Our aids are instructed on giving good peri care in orientation, their certification classes, and in inservices during the year. Still they do not do it, possibly because they feel they don't have time. But if they would take the time they would save time in the long run. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to motivate them to give good peri care? When you ask them to describe good peri care they have all the right answers. Help!

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How about popping in the room when they are doing it and "help" out. I do mean help and also observe and spot check them.

Make sure you place is supplying them with enough of the proper supplies to. Sometimes they feel like they have to ration the supplies. Not enough soap, rags etc.

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Thanks for all the replies. We have packages of pre moistened wipes that the aides are to use for peri care, so they do not have the excuse of not enough linens. The State AND the Feds were just at our facility for the yearly survey. The Feds were watching the State, so the State really got picky. We didn't do too bad though. Nothing major, just a lot of little things. Don't ever wish for the Feds to come in though!

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As long as you all have enough supplies and resources then there is absolutely no excuse for not giving good peri-care. I will say as a side note that I do not really like using the pre-moistened wipes because I just don't think they do as good of a job as using good old soap, water and face cloths. Actually, when I wash up my patients I take a basin and put in my own mixture of peri-wash, soap and lotion which I mix together with hot water and it works really well and it smells pretty good too.


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