How to find NANDA diagnosis without buying a book


How do I post a question? This is my first time to try and I don't know where to start. It has nothing to do with a specialty. I want to know how to find NANDA diagnosis without buying a book. Need to know if I must have some kind of number attached to the diagnosis when I use it. Thanks.

Is there a way to get a list free? Does each dx have a number assigned to it? I have to do this for a class this week and don't know how! Thanks.

Thanks so much!! So there is not a number that goes with each dx?

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check your textbooks....often they list all the diagnoses.... I don't remember about numbers

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yes, each nursing diagnosis has a computer code number that has been assigned to it. no, you do not need to attach the number to the diagnosis when you use it. these code numbers are computer codes that people input into a computer program instead of writing out the diagnosis when care planning. ex: they input #xx instead of deficient fluid volume. the nanda codes were designed to be merged with the snowmed coding system. this information, to my knowledge, is only obtainable from nanda itself, but i may be wrong about this. the information may not be set in stone either and each facility who computerizes their nursing diagnoses may be able to renumber the nursing diagnoses.

the nanda diagnoses and coding information is proprietary (owned and patented) and nanda does not permit it to be given out for free. others pay a royalty to use and publish it. anything that you are able to find on the internet is old. the current publication by nanda with the official listing of approved diagnoses and the taxonomy is nanda international nursing diagnoses: definitions and classifications 2009-2011 and must be purchased. the front cover of this book has the entire list of the current 206 approved diagnoses (in the previous edition it was only 188 diagnoses). there have been significant changes in some of the physiologic diagnoses. you can purchase a 2009-2011 diagnoses summary list reference card from nanda that has all 206 current diagnoses on it or the book i mentioned above which includes the diagnoses and taxonomy for $34.99 from this website: if you need the code numbers, i would recommend that you contact nanda, a contact e-mail is included on their website:

outcomes (nocs) and interventions (nics) also have numeric codes assigned to them. i have those because they came with the books i purchased. they are linked to the nursing diagnoses, but only to the diagnoses up to 2003:

  • nursing outcomes classification (noc), third edition, by sue moorhead, marion johnson and meridean maas.

  • nursing interventions classification (nic), by joanne mccloskey mccloskey dochterman, gloria m. bulechek, gloria m. bulechek.

the only way you are going to get a free list of the current 2009-2011 list is to find someone who has them and ask if they will let you copy it. here is a weblink to a list of the 2007-2008 nanda-approved nursing diagnoses, but i am warning you that it is not a current list:

the appendix of taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary has the taxonomy for all the nursing diagnoses and depending on when the copy of it you are looking at was printed, it will have the more current diagnoses included. it will also have a medical disease and condition cross reference which will be a help when writing care plans. these two websites have about 80 of the most commonly used nursing diagnosis that you can use for free. they are pages directly out of two commonly sold nursing diagnosis and care plan books published by elsevier:

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i have to correct my answer. my copy of nanda international nursing diagnoses: definitions and classifications 2009-2011 does include the code numbers of the diagnoses. i just didn't see them because each diagnosis is in a shaded block at the top of each page and the code number is a 5 digit code in parentheses next to it. however, the shading is a dark charcoal color and the number is black, a smaller font and doesn't show up well. sorry that i didn't notice that. because i don't have the summary list i do not know if the code numbers are included on that list.

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