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How far did you travel?

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I have accepted a position at a major University Hospital. I will be working on a unit that has a mix of 3 different units...ortho/uro/dermo. I am very excited. I live in a little hick town, so was well aware that no matter where I work, I would have to drive...My drive will consist of about 1hr 45min to get to work. I chose a shift that will allow me to make it during the winter months, by allowing time for roads to have cleared(somewhat)...I chose an 11a-11p shift. The hardest part of all is the first week is central orientation, which means being away from my son the whole week, as they pay Salary and I will not receive my first check until 10/1...(starting 9/8). So to cut cost, I will be staying at a friends house that lives in a suburb. My husband is very excited and clearly "blinded" by the money. I just wish he would show a little bit of whatever about my not being here all week! I am truly excited, this is such a great opportunity, one of the top hospitals in the country. How far did you drive for your job?


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I did a 1 hour 15 min drive for a year and couldn't take it, it wasn't worth it. It's great that you have a place to stay to help out. Would your husband consider moving closer? 12 hour shifts and a long drive on top of it is an accident waiting to happen.

best of luck

Brittany, RN

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I currently drive 70 miles ( about 65-70min) one way to my job. It isn't so bad, sometimes I can even find it relaxing. It can be a little rough if you are tired though. There are many closer hospitals but none have pediatrics which is what I really wanted. However I am not married/with kids so I suppose that makes it easier for me. I am planning on moving closer to the area within the next few months though because I work very random shifts and it wont really work come winter!

I think the commute will be worth it for you if this is something you are really interested in, and it's also a big plus that you have someone to stay with to help cut gas costs! Like the previous poster said, if it turns out to be too much, could you possibly relocate?

Good luck with the new job!



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10 minutes! Los Angeles is too jammed for me to be able to tolerate an hour drive, plus gas is expensive and I am not accustomed to taking public transportation. So, I am fortunate to live close enough to not have to sit in traffic for hours but far enough to not have to feel as though I live behind work.

I don't know how you do it...


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We have no "real" desire to move closer, we love the little town we live in, we have talked about renting an apt. somewhere in-between, that way when I work weekends my husband and son can stay there so I can see them. My son is 4 and has expressed how he doesn't want me away that long, and why can't I just stay home. I grew up on welfare and vowed I would never put my child through that life, and I love nursing, so I know I made the right decisions, I guess I am just needing to know that it will be ok. That I am strong enough for this journey I am going to take. I feel like in some ways that I am letting my son down, like I'm not a good mom. I don't know, I guess I am just confused...anyone else feel like that? thanks for reading my nonsense! and thanks for your input.


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Most of my poisitions as a hospital nurse required at the minimum of 45 min to 1 hour 1/2. Nowadays, I live 5 minutes from the building I run, and am LOVING it!!


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I live rural and will drive 60 miles one way with minimal traffic. I will do 12 hour shifts so it will be fine! We are considering moving but our mortgage would be 5x as high! (my house was 20,000!) There are no jobs within 15 miles and the close ones pay next to nothing!


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LylesMom, you will be okay. And don't ever think as your self as a 'no good mother!' You are working hard to make sure you provide the basic amenities of life for your child, and there is nothing wrong with that! Plus, you work 3-12's right? So, you have 4 full days to spend with your son. Not a lot of mothers have that luxury!! Be proud of yourself :yeah:

40 mins each way......and its the winter that does me in.......so after 7 months have decided to transfer to their satelite closer to home.....where the commute will be 10 mins:D


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is a train an option? I liked taking the train even if it was an hour because it gave me time to read and relax on the way home.


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I wish a train would be an option, but living in rural Iowa...no such luck.


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I was commuting an hour each way for a year. But with gas prices going up, and a few scares on the road (blinking and opening my eyes WAY further down the road than I should have; having to pull over and take little naps on the side of the highway just to make it home) I wimped out and got myself a little apartment about 10 minutes away from my hospital. Even with the extra rent I'm still saving money with gas. I don't think I'll ever do more than a half hour commute after this just because I am SO tired at the end of my shifts (but then again, I'm a bit of a wuss).

Sterren, BSN, RN

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About 20 minutes. I would love to move out to the middle of nowhere but can't stomach the huge cut in pay for gas prices (which I'm certain are just going to go up up up). I'm glad you are able to stay with a friend to cut down on the commuting cost, that will be really helpful. I don't know what to say about your son though, I bet he'll adjust pretty quickly and you'll still spend lots of time with him on the weekend which will be nice. I don't know if I could do it, but I hope it will work out perfectly for you (and it will be nice for your son to have special time with daddy, I think).

Ruby Vee, BSN

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since you're working 12 hour shifts, you may want to consider grouping three of them together and staying near the hospital between shifts. i know plenty of mothers who have chosen to do that. they leave home before the first shift, stay overnight between the first and second and second and third shifts, and then drive back home after the third shift. they stay with friends or relatives or sometimes rent a room somewhere. i know an older couple that rents out rooms to nurses so they can afford to stay in their four bedroom home now that they're retired. a two hour drive on either end of a 12 hour shift sounds dangerous to me.


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I drive about 40-45 miles one-way (about an hour give or take a few). I live in the middle of nowhere and wouldn't trade it for the world. I know the gas prices are killing me but in order for me to keep my sanity I have to live in the middle of my 12 acres! Plus the drive gives me time to just chill after a long, hard night and by the time I get home I'm ready for bed. Wouldn't trade it for the world....well maybe the gas prices :)

i was commuting an hour each way for a year. but with gas prices going up, and a few scares on the road (blinking and opening my eyes way further down the road than i should have; having to pull over and take little naps on the side of the highway just to make it home) i wimped out and got myself a little apartment about 10 minutes away from my hospital. even with the extra rent i'm still saving money with gas. i don't think i'll ever do more than a half hour commute after this just because i am so tired at the end of my shifts (but then again, i'm a bit of a wuss).

^^i've been through this a few times over the years and i am not a nurse yet. i live in outter exurbs and commute an hour to town to work. when i am a rn i want to work nights and 12's. i'm not giving up my house but i already know that i will have to buy a condo crash pad as close to the hospital door as possible. i know people who have been forced to give up otherwise great jobs or retire earlier than they planned to because of commuter fatigue and i don't want that to happen to me.


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I drive 56 miles one way-about 50 min each way-7p-7a. I have had to pull over and stop b/c I was so tired. I just call someone and let them know where I am. I set the alarm on my phone and take a "power nap". I occasionally stay with people from work too and that helps a ton! Hope it's working out for you.

Wow. I'm currently 10 minutes away from the hospital that hired me, and we're thinking of buying a house in an area that will push my commute to 25-30 minutes. That's one of the major sticking points in the move, too - I feel like adding another hour of driving to a 12 hour workday might be too much to handle. I could never imagine adding FOUR. I wouldn't even try to drive home between shifts - you'll spend 16 hours between work and commute and only be home to sleep. Then again, I'm someone who has never even lived in a suburb, let alone a rural area. I love public transportation (even though the city I live in now doesn't really have any), I walk everywhere I can, and I hate being in a car for any length of time. I got my driver's license at 26 - so maybe my viewpoint is different than that of many of you. I just can't fathom spending that big of a percentage of my life driving, just to have a job.


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Thanks for everyone letting me know what you go through as well, its nice to know there are others out there! I clocked the mileage and drive time...it is about 84 miles to the hospital, about 1hr 45min. I went yesterday for my Tb test and physical...my husband and son went along for the ride...my son was amazed that mommy is going to work at such a big hospital...one of the biggest in Iowa! I know now it will be ok. my son tells everyone that mommy helps sick people. Its like he is proud of me...what a feeling!


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working a 12 hr shift to decrease number of commutes/week + having a husband who wants it too are big things in your favor. as long as the commute issafe (eg not falling asleep after a night shift) i'd go for it. you don't say how far along you are in your career, but a university gig is m. likely a great feather in your cap + cutting edge experiences, but try to stick with it a couple of years.

having had 3 kids while working full time, being away short-term can be a great learning experience for the dad (time management + all the things kids need he's not necessarily regularly involved with). i mean no offense to those who've had a really all-out supportive partner; i'm only speaking from my experience w/ a more "typical" husband when we've both worked full time.

and this may sound lame, but is there a possibility of car pool at all? i liked train idea too.

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