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How does an experienced nurse transition to Ob/gyn nursing?

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So I have been a nurse for 13 years. They said I should do med surg right after school, so I did. Then I found that every other specialty wanted experience. I have managed to do some clinic nursing and ended up in home health. I have my BSN, but how do I get into L&D without that required L&D experience?

I worked Med surg for two years because people said it was the foundation on nursing. I also had an interest for OB/GYN nursing and applied for some L and D jobs. I reached out to the managers of these units via email and even phone call. I now start my new job in L and D monday! Show then hat you really have a passion and they will seeQ good luck!

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I agree with the previous poster to reach out to hiring managers personally if possible. Also, consider relocating to another area that has a nursing shortage. Many smaller hospitals would love to have an experienced nurse that they would be willing to train.

You just have to find an open door like some hospitals may be willing to hire from within.So try to find out if your hospital will be willing to hire.

Also if there are any courses in your area related to the specialty that could beef up your resume a bit. Where I used to live there was a post grad obstetrical nursing certificate program that included clinical.


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I wrote a unique cover letter that highlighted my passion for L&D and how my experience would benefit me while changing roles. I emailed that and my resume directly to the manager of the unit. Often recruiters will go over resumes and do much from their side - but if the manager likes your email (phone call, etc.) she can request the recruiter contact you for an interview. Might get you noticed quicker in a "stack" of applicants. I'm not positive this is what got me the job, but it seems like it must have helped!! Always apply the experience you have to the new job. I love LDRP and am so glad I hustled for it. Good luck. :-)

I have been a nurse for almost a year and a half and am looking to change my specialty as well. I have emailed managers of the departments at my facility I am interested in and this has helped tremendously. I met with a manager and it went well so she opened a transition job for me to apply to and I should be interviewing soon. Good luck!