How is everyone coping waiting for a letter?

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We are supposed to start hearing something about school after next Friday. But this seems to be taking forever! Our school goes by points and I can't even find out what the minimum amount of points will be for this fall. I just wish I could find out either way! Waiting really sucks!


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waiting waiting waitint... End of may is a very vague time estimate when you're counting the days to plan your future huh. I think i'll go check my mail right now.


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I'm also still waiting-but hopefully will know something soon. Good luck to you! :D


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Good luck to all that a waiting. I remember sitting by my mail box this time last year, well actually it was a little later than may. I don't think I knew until the beginning of August. I want to wish you all the best and please let us know when you find out.

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Yes it does

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Well one of my schools that I applied to sends out letters the end of May-First of June, the other doesn't send them out until mid July because the program starts in January. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and just waiting to see. Its hard when you feel that you have a good chance just maybe not good enough so you really can't be sure.


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I recieved my letter on May 20. The two weeks prior to this I harassed the nursing department and gave up hope when the nursing dean told me that there was about 200 people in the same boat as me. I cried and got info on two other schools in my area. Made myself sick. As I was filling out applications for other schools in my area completely disgusted that I have done 2 years of pre-reqs at this school (I work full time and had to take many math courses) that this was the best answer I could get and that day I recieved my acceptance letter. So whatever you do, don't give up hope and think positive.


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Wellll....I'm dealing....I won't know anything until around June 15th....:D and yes, it's driving me crazy!!!! All we can do is wait.....;)




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For those of you who have applied and are waiting to get their letters, I wish all the best of luck. As for me I am going to get my chance soon and hope that when I apply I will get accepted. I have waited for this opportunity for 8 years and now finally have that opportunity, for those of you who have gotten accepted contratualations and I envy you. I would like to know though what did you all have to go through for the application process. Signed //Clueless in Afghanistan//

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It really depends on the school as to what you do for application. Some require that you do a NET exam, some that you do an interview. My schools both required certain scores on your placement tests and certain prerequisite classes be done before you could apply. Then I had to go by points for general tech courses that I had taken for one school and the other goes on your GPA and on the placement test scores. I wish you luck. I was not accepted (yet) for my first choice school. Instead I was told that I would be put in a hold group and if someone drops out or doesn't respond to the letter in the 2 week time frame, I may get in. I was 4 points shy of the cutoff. The other school doesn't send out letters until mid July. So who knows. I have been waiting for this for a long time myself and I love working in the burn unit as a cna so if I have to wait another year, I will. Its just hard waiting sometimes.

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