How does the doctor determine to induce labor?


I know it has been said to let nature take its course, but when a person is 35 weeks along, sick and tired of having to go to the toilet every ten minutes, sick and tired of not being able to bend over to use a dustpan or pick things up off the floor, sick and tired of not being able to clean house or ride a bicycle or do things like they used to, sick and tired of feeling like a beached whale in the bed at night (it's sooo hard to change positions anymore) they start to look at that 37 week mark with hope (especially when their insurance is going to pull through and they can have the baby at the hospital after all.)

Anyway, can a mother-to-be successfully request to be induced at a certain time after 37 weeks, or will the doctor take exception to such a request? How would a doctor generally react, such as a pregnant woman requesting to be induced at 38 weeks?


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I'm not an OB nurse, but I just happen to be an RN who is 36 wks pregnant with baby #2 - very uncomfortable right now as well! All I can say is hang in there!! :) I don't know if this is your first baby or not. I really don't see why a doc would grant a request for an elective induction at 37 weeks for non-medical issues. Yes, these last few weeks can be really difficult on your body and emotions. One thing I learned from my experience (in this pregnancy and the last) is that you should be open to letting go! The world won't end if your house isn't spic-n-span. Allow yourself to rest, put your feet up, and enjoy some alone time. You'll look back eventually on these last few weeks and wonder where all the time went! Good luck to you :)

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it has been my experience as a mother of 6 , that docs don't like to do elective inductions until after 39 weeks and i also think one doc told me that was a standard of practice set by the acog. i have been induced with all of mine for pih and even at 37 weeks they were wanting to give me a amnio to check lung development. except for i had very low fluid and my bp was well above normal so i was delivered at 36 weeks but i was beginning to think he was not going to deliver me...and i needed to be ...put ya feet up ,stop cleaning and rest . you only have a couple more weeks and believe me i know about those last is h@ll


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I'm interested in hearing what others have to say on this...

In my experience, it seems to be TOO easy for mothers to get their doctors to agree to an early induction. I know with my first, my OB offered to strip my membranes at 38 weeks "to get things going"...and at my 38 week app't with my 2nd, my doctor was already talking about admitting me to get induced just because I was 4cm dilated and she was apparently worried I wouldn't make it to the hospital if I went into labor. I of course refused it and when I went into labor at 40 weeks, I made it to the hospital with several hours to spare so I'm glad I didn't accept to get induced...but I keep wondering about those first time moms who are so eager to meet their babies and who are tired of being pregnant, I think most would jump at the chance to a planned induction...

I personally believe that inducing a mother too early puts mother and baby at risk of complications...


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Please discuss this with your health care provider. Technically, this is asking for medical advice, which is we know, against Terms Of Service here.

Good luck and I wish a very joyful, safe and healthy birth for you.

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