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How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

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On 11/5/2019 at 12:10 PM, RegenerativeNurse said:

So I was recently reading an article that suggestes many ways to fit in 5 or 10 mins exercise sessions into an 8hr works day to meet the current recommendations of 30minutes of mild-moderate exercise for adults. 

Now I feel like as nurses we are already on our feet walking (sometimes running) all day for 12hrs. 

However it did get me to thinking if it was possible to get in a few squats, lunges, modified bicep curls etc without looking as though you're slacking (or crazy) while you're on the floor.

I'm all for fitness and health. Esp when after hectic shifts when the last thing on my mind is a quick set of jumping jacks stretching. 

Has anyone achieved this? What's your tips and tricks? Do you even think it necessary in/during our line of work?

I workout For over 30 minutes. More like 1 hour each day. Tips and tricks: yes we are active and not sedentary as nurses. But we don’t get our sustained heart rate up enough to help our cardiovascular health. I think that’s why we still need to exercise in spite of being active at work.  My story may not apply to you, but here it is. I started walking for just 15 mins on my work days about a year and a half ago. I’d either walk after work (noc shift) around my home. Or I’d walk the stairs on my 15 minute break. Huffing and puffing joking Id need RT to save me. 

fast forward to the present: I exercise daily usually before work. I’ve lost over 50lbs through diet and exercise.

i have also done a few push ups and dips with coworkers on noc shift at the nurses station.

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I weigh roundabouts 130 lbs, probably less. I eat a low carb, simple diet.and am very busy outdoors with many activities. I work hard at work. My genetics towards leanness are strong on my father's side. 

I rarely work out in the traditional sense. 

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