How to Cover Wrist Tattoo?

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Hi all, I'm starting an ASN program this Fall. Like many programs, we cannot have visible tattoos during clinical. I have my children's names tattooed on my inner wrists and need to figure out a way to cover them for clinical. I don't want to have to end up wearing long sleeves everyday because I'm always hot. I think makeup would wash off too easily. Looking for some new creative ideas.

Google Tat2x

I got this brand idea from another post here on all nurses! Hope it helps


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Thank you so much! I think I'll try one of these!

How about a wristband? It won't look to tacky and you wouldnt have to keep buying your concealer.

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I wear a bandaid over mine. Hasn't been a problem.


gauze pad and tape


water-resistant makeup (YouTube search for a video on tat concealing)

dreaded long sleeve shirt or jacket

The only thing I'd worry about most is the constant washing and donning and removing gloves. The makeup does do a good job, but I'd be concerned of its longevity.

A lot of people in my program wear watches, just get a chunky watch if it's a big need one anyways!

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Just remember...some areas you can NOT wear long sleeves, you have to check the hospital's dress code. At our hospital we can not wear long sleeves while providing patient care in any area. Only exception are isolation gowns. These are for infection control purposes. Several people I work with have been in touch with derm and gotten the concealer :)

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Another solution is the sports wraps. Get a tone that matches your skin color and you should be set without having to spend too much money.

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